Monday, December 3, 2012

The third day of Advent

Today the boys woke up to the Cat in the Hat on top of all their books, and he was reading the bible story of Jesus birth.  Little N was a little annoyed because the Cat in the Hat took out all the books and even the three books that we read for devotions from the boys room.  So he hid the Cat in the Hat under his blankets as a punishment.

Little N and Little M love their sister.  If they are in a bad mood for the most part if we bring Little H over to them she will cheer them up.  Today they had some snuggle time together before Little N went to school.  I just love how they are just willing to let her be all over them.  They definitely love their sister.
We went up to Ikea today to get some Christmas shopping done for the boys and then look for stuff for us to see what we would like.  Ended up finally getting an island which I have already made great use out of...the boys helped me cook dinner and we made our Christmas decoration, which was baby Jesus in a manger, on the island.
Helping Mommy Cook! 

Today was a crabby day for both the boys...Little N woke up in such a good mood and then once he got to school something happened and he was very cranky.  Little M wasn't sure what he wanted while he was in Ikea so he whined to get out of the cart and then whined to get back into the cart.  Then he was squished in the backseat while we rushed from Ikea to go pick up N.   It's pretty amazing how if one person is crabby they can effect the whole family and change every one's mood.  While Little N was home he was very crabby and finally we just had to tell him if he wasn't going to listen and be in a good mood he was going to have to go to his room and not help set up the island or Little H's dresser.  It was a struggle but thankfully when he came out of the room he was cooperative and a good listener, which helped Little M to be cooperative and a good listener.

Today our activity from our calendar was making the manger scene (baby Jesus laying in the feed trough made from felt pieces, Popsicle sticks and some "hay").  The kids really enjoyed coloring the Popsicle sticks and using the glue to glue everything together.
 Today's scripture verse from our scripture chain was from Jeremiah 23:5 – “The days are coming,” declares the Lord, when I will raise up to David a righteous Branch, a King who will reign wisely and do what is just and right in the land.

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  1. N you're funny! Is Cat in the Hat behaving now? Love, Grandma. Love the IKEA ideas...will be fun to see your pic posts after all is decided.


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