Sunday, December 9, 2012

The ninth day of Advent

John and I were preparing our house for laying bed bugs bombs in the rest of the house last night because we had church, Sunday school, Chinese Sunday school and then the boys had a practice time for their Christmas program and we thought that we also would have bible study that night so we just thought it would be the best day to lay the bug bombs because we were just seeing more and more bugs during the day and at night now that it's getting cooler.  Well Cat in the Hat didn't like the idea of being around when we were going to lay the bug bombs so he decided to go down into our basement and go into Little N's car-seat and get all buckled up to sleep for the night.  We woke up in the morning it was kind of frantic like it always is on Sunday's just even more so because I was trying to remember to have everything covered up and everything taken care because I couldn't go back in the house if I forgot something.  So we got everything ready put the kids outside, start the bug bombs and then leave to go to the car.  Once we got to the car Little N yelled out....hey The Cat in the Hat is in my car-seat   It was pretty funny.  Sadly couldn't get a picture right away because it was so dark.  So we posed him later on when we were driving home from church. 
Today was a busy day because the boys had English Sunday School, Chinese Sunday School and then practice for their Chinese Christmas Program.  We decided to have both of them be sheep.  Oh my goodness they will be so cute when they give their performance on the 23rd.  Little Sheep hats and their singing and motions.  I can't wait to record it.  By the time we were done with the rehearsal we had been at church from 9:30 to 2:30.  Thankfully John went home and started cleaning the floors and all the surfaces so we could go back into the house.  So thankful for all his hard work because it was a lot of work getting everything wiped down and clean. He also helped me hang up the stockings over our couch and even though we couldn't find our tape measure we hung them and they aren't perfect but I love them. I think the kids will too.  I know that Little H noticed them right away and is trying to figure out how to get them.
For the ninth day of Advent our activity was reading a book.  We like reading book...we have gotten into the habit of reading a devotional story at night and the kids love that time.   Today we read a Christmas book that someone gave us.  I think today we read a total of 5 books just snuggled up reading books.  I need to remember that snuggles and story time is much needed both for the kids and for me.  Just taking it slow and enjoy the time with my kids.
Little H is getting braver...she is trying to stand up by herself and stand for as long as she is able to without support.  She is getting braver and trying to take up to 4 steps by herself.  She is getting so big and I'm just not ready for her to be doing these things.
The Scripture verse that we read was from  Micah 5:2 – But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are small among the clans of Judah, out of you will come for me one who will be ruler over Israel, whose origins are from of old from ancient times.

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