Thursday, June 30, 2011

A beautiful beginning of sunset!

We were (or we invited ourselves) over to our friends house -- they are leaving our area and we wanted to spend some time with them before they left!!  We brought them food -- pizza, pizza loaf (like a calzone) and veggies.  It was a wonderful time visiting and eating! 
Before we went into their house we saw a beautiful sky that just needed to have it's picture taken!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Life in Taiwan

There are so many things that I could share about life in Taiwan.  I'm almost tempted to do a series but I have no idea what to focus on!  What are some questions that you have about life overseas?  What are things you want to hear about?  Give me some ideas because there is so much to talk about that it's overwhelming to try to narrow it down!  Please write your ideas down in the comments and I'll start writing stuff down and getting pictures of different things! Thank you so much in advance!

This is just outside our apartment building.  We had a little old lady walking down our road just as casual as can be! It's kind of normal for us to see but not something you would expect to see in a big city!

Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm Blessed - Little N & M

All right....eventually my blog will be all caught up!!  This week it should be all caught up and hopefully I won't let it fall behind again!! The posts will be back dated to the dates that they happened on so just check back and catch up on our lives! :-) Also you only have till tomorrow to get on the great deal of a lifetime membership to Clickin' Moms.

Gretchen over at He sows & She sews came up with this wonderful idea to start the week off just saying what we are blessed with.  With Monday's always being a hard time especially after a busy weekend sometimes you just need to count your blessing and name them one by one!  What are you blessed with -- are they small things that occur everyday or have you been extra blessed this past week with something that God blessed you with something you've been praying about and it finally came to fruition -- share them on your blog and put a link to your I'm blessed post on Gretchen's page! 

I'm blessed with two wonderful kids!  I'm gonna focus on the blessings that my kids give me because they have just been doing some pretty fun and good things that I just love!

This week I am blessed with the things that Little N has done

- He wakes up and plays every so quietly so that I can sleep a little bit more.  Which means that I am blessed with a couple more minutes of sleep.
- Every Sunday he loves to snuggle with me during church which I tend to need and he needs.
- Lately since reading the book Mess Monsters he has wanted to have his toys picked up and everything so that the mess monsters who live under Mommy & Daddy's bed don't come out and destroy all of his toys!  I love Little N's imagination!  Bonus all the toys from the two bins aren't pulled off the shelves first thing in the morning!!
- Just today Little N took a book -- the Incy Wincy spider and started to read it to his brother!!  He looked at the pictures and made up a story based on the pictures.  Again I love my kids imagination! 
-  The thing that I am most blessed with is every Sunday (well not consistently) I take Little N up to the Chinese Sunday school!  Lately it's been a struggle and there are always tears and not wanting to go.  This week we went up to the opening exercises and Little N sat in his spot and when the other kids got up to do the motions and sing Little N also tried to follow along with the motions. Then when it was time to go to his classroom he raced with the other kids to his classroom!!  It made me SO excited because I feel just blessed and encouraged that he is learning a little bit of Chinese and then also learning that God loves him in a different language. Getting a little weepy thinking about this blessing because it means so much to me and is giving me encouragement that hopefully I am doing the right thing!
- I'm blessed with Little N looking for God moments.  He's always asking why God created something or did something and it always makes me think and be thankful for all that God has given us!!

Little M Blessing

Little M is my lovey!!  He makes sure I'm okay and gives me cuddles and loves periodically throughout the day!

- Everyday Little M will climb up on the sofa and grab my neck pull my head close to his head and then just rest it there for a couple minutes.  Then when he's done he gives me a kiss!! I love when he does it and wish I could get a picture of it because I'm pretty certain that it's a cute moment that I need to savor forever!!
- Lately annoyingly enough Little M has not been getting enough sleep which means cranky mommy and cranky daddy!!  However last week I figured out why he has been getting up so early -- he is getting like 8 teeth all at the same time!  Poor guy but thankfully besides the waking up and chewing on his fingers he isn't a cranky kiddo! Surprisingly enough!  So I am thankful and blessed to discover that while teething happens it doesn't last forever!
- I'm also wondering if Little M is getting ready for the P word (potty training) he goes and gives me a diaper and wants me to change him as soon as he does a number 2.  So potty training could be in our future and we could maybe be just one kid sort of in diapers come January!  My fingers are crossed.
- I love how Little M and Little N play together this is a blessing to me because they love to play together whether it is playing with trains, reading books, racing in storage containers, etc.  I'm thankful that they are good friends and I'm blessed watching them interact with one another!

I'm seriously blessed with two amazing little boys who sometimes make me want to pull out my hair but for the most part I love and am blessed to have them in my life! Their creativity & imagination spurs me on and just makes me realize that you can do anything you want to.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Little N and Chinese Sunday School

One of the recommendations that we got from the Chinese kindergarten principal was that if we weren't going to put him in school this year that we should get him involved in Chinese Sunday School.  We checked it out to see if Victory church has a sunday school class for his age which they do and it's almost directly after our church service.  The first couple of times he went he really liked it and would go up and race into his classroom after opening exercises.  Then he went through a phase (which is still on going) where he didn't want to go up and do any interaction at all.  He would scream and cry and even if I sat in the classroom he would still get all upset!  It broke my heart but still we persisted in taking him to Sunday School.  He really has no idea what's going on during open exercises or in his sunday school.  I don't have a clue what he learns in class unless I ask someone to translate what the bible verse is but both of us are growing through this experience.  I am being stretched and so is Little N.  Every time we have to interact and try to figure out what's going on in Chinese we are learning about the culture and the language.  Hopefully some day I'll have the head knowledge to be able to speak in Chinese to these wonderful men and women who are lovingly sharing the gospel with my son in a different language. 
   This Sunday for the first time we made progress!!  We took the elevator up to opening exercises and he played with the other kids and then interacted and tried to sing along with the songs that were being sung.  I quick grabbed my camera so I could capture him doing the motions with everyone and I think it also helped to take the pictures so I wouldn't burst into tears. (could be some hormones racing!)  After opening exercises Little N raced to his classroom with the rest of his classmates!  When I came to pick him up after Sunday School he happily told me that they had cake (but he didn't eat it -- they gave him a rice cracker instead) and that they got to color and decorate a picture.  He was so excited!!  It gave me the encouragement that I needed -- pushing every Sunday for Little N to go to Sunday School.  Soon he will understand more and speak more Chinese than I do!  But I know that the songs he is singing will be songs that I am happy to have him sing! 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A potluck and fun

We wanted to get together and got to the "beach" and grill and hang out with some friends.  Unfortunately the typhoon ruined our plans with a forecast of rain on schedule.  We changed our plans so everyone could come here and we had a potluck and lots of fun visiting with others.  When our company arrived thankfully there was a break in the rain and it was nice and sunny!  The thing about the rain & the typhoon was that it cooled it down enough so we could go out and play without feeling like we would have to take a shower after being outside. We had a great time spending time with our friends and hopefully we can do it agian!!
 I love being in Taiwan and being surrounded with all the gorgeous and different (to me) flowers & plants that grow here! 

Friday, June 24, 2011

A very special giveaway

A year ago in May -- I joined a forum called Clickin' Moms.  It is a wonderful forum filled with very helpful ladies (and men) who have helped me learn so much about photography!!  I am very thankful for them!!  They have different challenges, they have fun contests and different classes all available to help you grow as a photographer.  They also have special group buys great discounts that are only given out to clickinmom members. Plus a wonderful bunch of ladies (and men) who you can ask questions to.  If you are a mom with a camera who just wants to learn how to take better shots of your kids (or dog, cat, birds, neighbors, grandchildren, etc) or if you are a professional photographer looking to network with other professional photographers this is a great place to share and grow as a photographer.

I have one free lifetime membership ($195 value) up for grabs. 

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Remember to click on the link to check it out. You can do a 7 day trial for $6. (Even if you win the membership you can still check it out and see if you like what you see.  They will credit your account if you are the winner of the lifetime membership giveaway.  The trial membership is what it took for me to realize there was so much great advice to read and learn about that I got hooked. By the way this giveaway is only for new members (within the last month) of clickinmoms.  Good luck!!

Winner - RACHEL

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Playgroup

Oh I have been addicted to of these little kids that I get to see on Wednesday for playgroup!  Each of them have a different personality and I love when they let me take their picture!!  It will be hard not going for the next two weeks. (I need to catch up on a lot of stuff & the next week we are going a conference)  We met at a restaurant for playgroup!  It was in a beautiful area....wish I had remembered to take pictures of everything.  The restaurant was probably mid prices for restaurants in Taiwan.  Little N, Little M & I shared waffles with blueberry stuff on top (which for the most part is a dessert)!!  Everyone else at playgroup got the meal -- either curry with beef, curry with pork or some got some panini's!  It all looked so delicious and afterwards I had wished I had gotten it all but my poor little tummy wanted something sweet so that's what I gave it!  While we waited for the food one of the ladies had brought a sticker activity for the kids which entertained them for a long time!  We all chatted and then watched as the kids played together. After the food I had John pick me up ( pretty pathetic that I have my drivers license and can drive but I just haven't yet!!  We need to get on that!!) because my two boys were exhausted and needed to take a nap! 

 The little boy crying is very upset that his mommy is holding a baby.  The thing that makes this picture all the more hilarious is that come November he will have a baby sister that will be in his life! 

This little boy making the funny face at me is right around the same age as Little N.  He's always talking to me in Chinese expecting me to understand!!  I like him a lot!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm Blessed

Gretchen over at He Sows and She Sews has started a wonderful new thing.  Every Monday she will be hosting a "I'm Blessed" blog carnival.  Her thinking was it's hard to get started on Monday's so showing what you are thankful for and blessed with at the start of the week is a good way to start off your week.  Also makes you thankful for the little things!
    Please join me and link yourself to Gretchen's blog so other's can be blessed with what you are blessed with this week!  It could be a little thing or a big thing!  Toilet training success, a wonderful day hiking with friends, a successfully cooked meal or something that has to do with your kids -- maybe they give you kissed every morning to wake you up!

Here is my "I'm Blessed" post!

I am blessed with two wonderful little boys.  Last week while John was gone they made sure to give me plenty of cuddle time just in case I was lonely!

I am blessed with a wonderful husband who lovingly watches the kids while I get to enjoy a weekend with the girls.

I am blessed with some wonderful girls who are Godly Christians and just want to serve the Lord where ever they are.  I am blessed that we were able to go on a trip and see some beautiful things that God created.  I am blessed that they looked after me as I struggled (just a little bit) going back up the hiking trail.  But I was so blessed by the Christian songs that we sang, the conversations that we had as we hiked and the beautiful, beautiful things that we saw on the way! 

But the thing right now that I am most blessed with is......I am blessed with a so far healthy pregnancy!  Yup....I'm announcing it here!  I am blessed to be pregnant for a third time and while this pregnancy has been very different then my first two -- morning sickness like crazy!  I am thankful for this special time of having a little baby grow inside me!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Girls Weekend Trip to Smangus (Part 2)

     We woke up to beautiful clear skies!  It was nice and cool as we started the morning of which was such a different feeling from walking up in Hsinchu and just wanting to walk around in short sleeves all the time.  Got our water and started our hike.  The hike to the beautiful & old trees is 5 k (approximately 3.107 miles) and it's very up and down! Also such a variety of scenery -- you see the mountains, a bamboo forest, different trees other than bamboo, & waterfalls.  It was just such a fun and interesting hike.  So many people go on in this hike.  We met up with a bunch of retirees who happened to be taking a break and having lots of fun on their hike.  On the way there we talked, sang songs and just enjoyed the view as we walked along.  At the 4 k mark there thankfully is a bathroom area to go to the bathroom and rest.  I was very, very tempted to just wait here while the rest of the girls walked to see the giant trees.  Thankfully I pushed myself and got to see the beautiful and huge trees.  There were like 9 trees and most of them were huge.  Most likely we wouldn't have been able to have all seven us circle the tree and hold hands.
    The way back which was of course 5 k was more of a rush.  Which looking back probably wasn't the best choice in the world.  Especially for a 12 week pregnant woman.  By the end of the trip when we were almost back to Smangus and the restaurant I was exhausted.  I was thankful that the girls looked after me and made sure that I was doing okay.  I probably should have spoken up and asked to stop for a little bit but I didn't.   
    The thing that I was most impressed was that whoever takes care of the hiking trail has done a great job.  What we have notice is that when we have gone different places is that there is a lot of garbage and trash that people just leave and don't seem to care about.  On both hiking trails there was very little trash on the path and then in Smangus itself is remarkable clean.  Which I was very happy about!
      Back at Smangus we went straight to the restaurant to eat our meal.  Which I was just dying of thirst so I drank a lot of the soup and ate alot of the veggies.  I wasn't really interested in eat the heavy meats.  The day before our driver had bought a watermelon which we ate some of it on Saturday night and then again for lunch on Sunday.  We packed up our stuff and then walked around waiting for the driver to be ready to go back to Hsinchu.   Right before we left all us got an ice cream bar....yummy!! 
   The drive back down the mountain was just as terrifying go down as it was going up.  What made it even more nerve wrecking was that it started pouring almost as soon as we got into the car.  We met up with several buses and cars coming up the mountain.  We ended up needing to back up (only once) so that the buses and cars could get by.  We were chilly all the way back to Hsinchu and were kind of excited to be back in Hsinchu and it to be chilly.....the driver stopped the car and we opened the door and we were in for a hot humid surprise.  All of us quickly took off our Jackets and got ready for the driver to drop us off close to our homes.
Click here to enjoy the pictures and Part 1 of our girls trip to Smangus.
    So thankful for the wonderful hike but afterwards I couldn't walk.  Well I could but I hobbled and was very sore.  I basically laid low for the next two day.  Which meant no Monday adventure for us!  Guess I learned early on in my pregnancy that I can't do too much otherwise I will regret it later on.  

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Girls Weekend Trip to Smangus Part 1

I attend a bible study on Wednesday nights filled with women from different countries and nationalities -- the fun thing is that we all know the Lord and want to study His word.  We have been studying 1 Peter 2 & 3 since I've arrived here in Taiwan it's a great study, sometimes we get sidetracked and start talking about personal experiences relating to the bible study.  It's my favorite day (night) of my week.  Knowing that I get to see my ladies and study the word.  We have two ladies who will be leaving this summer to return home so we decided to go on a girls weekend trip.  One of the ladies (Cookie) planned out our whole trip of what we were going to do, how much it was gonna cost and did basically all the grunt work that I wouldn't have been able to do.
We decided to go to Smangus which is a village up in the mountains.  The Smangus people also know as God's people are native to Taiwan.  They have their own way of life up there -- there is a school that only has 7 students at this time, then they have a church which was packed to the gills on Saturday night (it was wonderful hearing the praise and worship songs in a different language) and the have a restaurant, some convenience store and an amazing coffee shop!!  (Go into all that later)
We started our journey to Smangus at 7:30 am.  We had places to stop along the way to take pictures and just stretch out legs.  Our first stop was Neiwan -- Cookie was our amazing tour guide and showed us all sorts of different things and explained the ins and outs of the different vendors.  She was telling us that there are a lot of Hakka people who live in Neiwan and then showed us some more of the traditional Hakka foods which is a lot of dried things because it would travel well.  I got a frozen fruit bar -- green mango (interesting flavor) for my lunch and we continued on our journey to see the suspension bridge just outside of Neiwan and then a huge Spiritual Rock which used to have a temple right below it but it got blown over during and typhoon and then was washed away by the water.  We drove some more and stopped to see a statue of some famous native guy wish I could remember the tribe and the name but it escapes me.  After that we stopped to see a rock that looked like a frog -- it did look like  a frog but I was more impressed with the gorgeous water and having fun kissing our frogs to reveal our princes!! :-) Once we got past the frogs we had to stop at a sentry post so that we could give them all the information they needed so we could go to the mountains.
A beautiful 85 year old women!  We were just amazed by her beauty and then even more amazed when she told she was 85! 
 The way to Smangus is a very terrifying route, it's very narrow roads (narrow as in only one car can go on the road) with lots of twists and turns along the way.  I was getting sleep but needed to keep an on the roads to make sure that we didn't fall off a ledge or get hit by a car (the car thing almost happened a couple of times-- not that I could do anything to prevent getting hit by a car or falling off the ledge wasn't the driver but it was more mental then anything).  Wish I had taken pictures but just forgot or maybe was to terrified to think about it.  They had buses going up the mountain to go to Smangus and the buses would just go up the mountain. 
Finally made it to Smangus and we drove straight to the church which is where we were staying.....unpacked ourselves and then headed off to find the waterfall hiking path.  The hike to the waterfall was gorgeous but a little bit scary (steep) and I know that I scared a couple of women because they were terrified of me falling especially with me being pregnant.  Thankfully we made it to the waterfalls and we could take some pictures there.  I felt so at peace while I was down by the waterfalls.  There is something about waterfalls that get me every time!  Walked back to Smangus so that we could make back in time for dinner. 
They only have one restaurant in Smangus and it's a family style meal meaning there are dishes of food and you pick what you want and put it in your rice bowl to eat.  Still not really able to eat meat (pregnancy issue) so I was thankful for the many varieties of veggies that I could eat.  They also had a fully cooked fish with the skin on it (which Mom be surprised I tried some) and it was okay. 
We ended our night with a visit to the coffee shop.  Now you wouldn't expect a  very small village to have a good coffee shop but Smangus has really amazing coffee to offer you.  (I wouldn't know because I didn't drink any but I was told that by all the girls!)  The coffee shop also had other ice blended drinks that you could chose.  If we had come in July we could have gotten an ice blended peach wanted one of those!!
It started to rain as we walked back to the church and took a shower.  The nice thing about Smangus was that because it was in the mountains it was alot cooler so it was actually chilly as we went to sleep and we needed to wear long pj's and use the thick blankets!!  I thought it was wonderful especially after having to go to sleep with the ac on and still being warm. Went to sleep so that I was ready to start our adventure in the morning!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Playgroup

We (Caristy & the little boys) went to playgroup and got to feed the ducks & fish!!  Sadly I didn't get an adorable pictures of the boys feeding the fish because I was terrified of the boys (Okay mostly I was afraid of Little M) falling into the water!  We had fun playing with the other kids and running around after the birds & bubbles.  We then went out to lunch & had a story time!!  We had a great time! Little N & Little M thankfully avoided getting sunburned however Caristy's shoulders and arms got nice and sunburned!! OUCH!!  Reminder to always make sure you put sunscreen everywhere!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

My first Monday Ramblings -- Little N & school

             So it's been a week since John has left Taiwan to return to the states to attend his grandpa's funeral!  We haven't done a lot this past week -- too hot and the kids have enjoyed playing together inside.  My kids are used to have some down time just to play by the themselves and just be a kid.  They struggle if we have too much going on during the week and can't have time to just play.  Now we are just anxiously waiting for John to come home -- cleaning up toys, doing laundry and running around in circles (the kids are super excited to have their daddy home -- they are counting the naps down -- time goes by through naps). I'm super excited for John to come home because he's bringing home goodies from home not sure what everything is but I'm hoping he's grabbed my magazines and gotten me my cheese popcorn sprinkle!
            With John being gone I've talked to a couple of people that I haven't spoken to in a while and they were ask what was the final decision about having Little N in school. So that's what this rambling post is about just updating curious people on what we have decided on! We looked at the Chinese Kindergarten, were very impressed with the school however we just didn't like the idea that Little N would be away from us Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 4 pm (we worked it out so we could pick him up 2 pm but it was very reluctantly given).  Little N will just be turning 4 this year and while I love the idea of him going to Chinese school, I just don't feel it is necessary for him to be away from us that long every week.  We don't need to put him in daycare.  Plus with John's job we just won't have a lot of family time once we put Little N in school.  If I could have found a program where I could put Little N in half days and and three times a week we would have done that but we haven't found anything like that!  
         So we made the decision that we will keep Little N home for the year and actively put him in situations where he will have the opportunity to hear and learn Chinese. (Which was one of the recommendations from the principal at the Chinese Kindergarten we looked at.)  So some of those ways that we have done that is Chinese Sunday School, then there is a playgroup that meets on Wednesdays that we sometimes attend and there is a little boy that is right around the same age as Little N and they like to play together (and sometimes not)!  We also have been watching Dora and Diego which over here is in Chinese with a little bit of English so we are learning different words and phrases that way.  We also find Super Why....which is mostly in Chinese and a little bit of English. 
          At this point in our lives we feel that family time is important and we want to be able to travel and explore around Taiwan and if Little N is in school we aren't able to do that quite as easily!  Just thought I would give an update on what we are doing for school with Little N!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


With John being gone in the states we had a special guest speaker for church!  It was great to hear a new voice but I definitely missed having John at church.  Took Little N to Sunday school -- thankfully I had a friend who was willing to watch Little M because Little N had no desire to go to Sunday school without me.  We were talking about it today and Little N was telling me that he's doesn't like going because his teacher expects him to speak Chinese which terrifies him.  (She doesn't expect him to speak Chinese it just she doesn't know enough English to explain everything for we want him to understand Chinese & eventually speak it!) Thankfully I was finally able to leave the classroom and he had a great time with his classmates.  After Sunday school we went with a friend to a frozen yogurt place!!  It was SO yummy....basically you pick as much frozen yogurt and then you have a self service bar with all different toppings to put on get it weighed and then pay!!  Oh it was so good!!  I was so thankful that my friend took me there.   After frozen yogurt the kids took a nap (actually Little M was so tired he fell asleep on the bus and on the way back to the church so we could get the stroller which made for an interesting walk off the bus!!)  After their nap we had friends come over for pizza and was great to spend the whole day with friends so that my day wasn't so lonely.  The good thing is that John's on an airplane on his way home and I can't wait to see him.  Little N told me that he wants him to stay in the states but I'm pretty sure he'll be excited to see him too!! 

Friday, June 10, 2011

My crazy little boys!

We got together at church for Women's English Fellowship.....I love how the boys get so excited about going and seeing certain people. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A splurge Thursday

Little N & Little M decided that they would have a junk food for dinner.  This week we had been without John (he had to go back to the states for a funeral) and so all week we had been eating healthy and good so I decided to let the kids decide what they wanted to eat.  We chose gummy fries and gummy hot dogs, sprite slushee, egg custard and popcorn /chips!  Thankfully we have been doing well with John back in the states.  I know that both the little boys & I wish that we could have gone back and spent time with family & friends but we had to stay back in Taiwan!  

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Congrats to the graduate!

We got invited to a graduation party and a barbecue.  It was delicious and a wonderful celebration of C's graduation from high school.  I was thankful that our family was invited to celebrate.  In some ways I felt like I was back in the states with the amazing food -- burgers, salads & great company!!  The kids loved being able to run around in the grass and play in the dirt.  As it got dark fire works (Little N calls them fire powers) went off and we just had a blast!!  Little N and Little M got to enjoy a shower when they got home. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A busy Saturday!!

We had a busy Saturday.  We found on on Friday that John's grandpa Olson had died in the morning.  So we coordinated with John's family to see if someone could pick him up so that he could fly home for the funeral.  Once the decision had been made we needed to do last minute stuff -- make sure I had enough groceries for the week, get a couple gifts for birthdays that were coming up & then make sure that we had made spaghetti sauce for our party that we were going to! 
     As we were grocery shopping we decided that we were hungry so we went to McDonald's (well Caristy and the little boys did -- Little M scarfed down chicken nuggets and apples while Little N scarfed down hamburger and apples) and John got a Chinese meal!!  Looked actually pretty good!!
 As we were leaving our house to go to the party we saw a GORGEOUS sunset!!  Peaking through the trees and I just wasn't able to capture it fast enough!!  Still gorgeous!
 This weekend was a holiday weekend.  It's the dragon boat festival!  So people go to the water and there are dragon boat races to see who will win.  I asked about the holiday and got an explanation but I still don't understand so I'm not gonna do an explanation of it because I don't want to get it can always google it! :-) We were invited to go over to this family house along with two other couples and their kids!  We had tons of fun talking, visiting and getting to know one another!  We would laugh because Little M and another little boy (who are right around the same age) they would see and toy and want it.....what do little kids do when they want something well they take it -- we have no idea who had the toy first but Little M was quite distraught and went up to the little boy's daddy to try to have him fix it!!  It was pretty stinkin' hilarious!!  We had a great time and I was glad that we to try some interesting things -- one of the big things that you eat on this holiday I guess is rice balls -- so people brought sweet rice balls and savory rice balls!  John got a vegetarian rice ball -- which was totally hilarious being that he's SO not into the veggies!! So he had me try some of his, not bad at all!!  Then I tried the sweet rice ball which was really not any flavor until you dipped it in sugar but that wasn't half bad!!  They also had pizza (which Little N scarfed down 3 slices of --shocking) spaghetti & fruit!!  So a wonderful get together, wonderful company and wonderful food!  I'm glad we were able to join everyone!!
 The rice balls (whatever they are called) are wrapped in banana leaves but you don't eat the leaves.
 My silly little boys!!
Welcome to our blog! We try to keep this current for family and friends. We moved to Taiwan in February 2011 and are trying to keep in contact with loved ones through this blog. We love comments and will respond back if you have questions or comments!! Thanks for checking us out!!


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