Monday, June 29, 2009

Car Wash anyone?

Does anyone want their car washed by Little N? He tries to wash as best as he can but he can only get to the door knob. So if the bottom half of your car needs a good cleaning he's your man!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Little N's Buddies!

Little N has a couple of buddies!! He loves to play with them and they are gracious enough to play plus spend time with him. We are thankful for Little N's buddies!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Going on the Scenic Byway and seeing a Viking

Things to do in North Dakota. We went on a day trip just driving around. We read about this scenic byway that follows the Sheyenne River. We started at Valley City and headed south. It was so pretty and I have TONS of pictures. Just spending time together as a family. We also headed down by Fort Ransom and got to meet the Viking statue. The Viking Statue is a hike up a hill but he's an interesting guy. :-) Little N got to be carried up the hill while John and I had to hike up. But we all made it and came back down with no ticks on us! WOO HOO!! :-)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The battle of wills!!

John set up the tent to take Little N camping (in our backyard). We had a busy day of going for a bike ride and playing in our little pool. So when it was time for Little N to go to bed he was good and tired. Caristy brought him in the tent to show him where he'd be sleeping around 9:20 pm. Then we went back out....I didn't want him playing in the tent! Then John took Nik out for bed. I was working on something listening out the window to see how the guys were doing. I wondered who would win in the battle of see this was the first time that Little N had very tried sleeping not being in a pack and play, or a crib.....those are his safety put him down in one of those and for the most part he's out in two seconds flat. 9:45 passes and I can still hear Little N jumping around and playing in the tent. 10:00 passes and I hear Little N still talking and John telling him to lay down. 10:15 still hear jibber jabbers from Little N. Then finally at 10:30 I hear silence. John won in the battle of the wills!! (He was almost ready to give up though!!) However two people crawl into the house at 6 am and start to jump on the bed. Way to early!! UGH!! Little N and I tried to cuddle, we watched Little Einstein videos (which I never do......), we had breakfast and then finally Little N had enough.....he ran to his room and tried to get into his crib!! So we slept for a while and then when we both woke up we were both happier people. I haven't had a two nap baby in a very long time so it was strange for Little N to need two naps! :-) John told me that Little N and John won't be camping out for a while!! (A little nervous about how this will translate when we move Little N to his twin bed!) Hmmm.....we will see!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wagon Train Fun!!

John was asked to do a vow renewal for a couple that were doing a wagon train. We weren't exactly sure what was involved in this so John told me that Nik and I weren't able to come. He then calls me up and tell me that yes we are able to come but we had to grab clothes for him too....he was dressed up in itchy black hot suit and his overcoat. When he got there he was told that he could have come dressed in jeans and a plaid or cowboy shirt. So we go out there Nik in his little cowboy outfit and me in my long flowing dress and a top that thankfully fit. I felt that I had stepped into a different era. There were covered wagons, the food was made over the fire, the women were cranking homemade butter it was just amazing. We met the couple who was doing the vow renewal and I offered to take pictures for them. (Just figured when will I have another opportunity to do that?) Unfortunately they wanted their vow renewal done by the it didn't quite have that old time feeling....I wish they had decided to do it by their covered wagon but they didn't want it to be witnessed by everyone on the wagon train.....which I guess I can understand. It was such an interesting day! :-) Little N got to sit on top of a horse....he also went up and put his arms out to be held by the guy who was holding him to show him the horse.....which just shocked both John and I!! :-)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All the pretty little Roses!

My mother's Day present is just giving bloom after bloom. Way more than we ever had in Fergus when John got me flowers for my birthday! :-) We are loving the pretty flowers!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dads around!! We love and are thankful that you are around to help us with all the many things you do! But this post is specifically written for Little N's Da (dad). We went down to Fargo and enjoyed a rainy picnic. Little N loved his cousins toys.....a funny feeling ball and bubbles! Happy Father's Day!!

Dear Da,
Thank you for being my favorite guy for the last 1 and 3/4 of my life. Thank you for the wonderful snuggles when I needed them. Thank for rough housing with me and getting me toys that you knew I would love (over 500 balls and counting). Thank you for taking me on bike trips, walks and just being patient with me. Thank you for letting me run up to see you after you finish with church and are walking to the back. I love getting to spend that time with you. I get my inquistive nature and my inability to handle sticky things from you. I love you and am thankful that you are my Da.

Love - Little N

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Little N fun

Little N loves his little kiddie pool. He throws golf balls in it and today decided that rather than get all undressed it would be more fun to get soaking wet with all his clothes on. UGH!!! We also set up the tent and Little N loved the tent. We loved the pictures that we got to take because he liked looking at us in the tent! HEHE!!

300 Turkey BBQ

We were told about this Turkey BBQ that a town (Aneta, ND) puts on every year. They cook up 300 turkeys (or more) and the town isn't really big...I'm guessing maybe 300 people. They usually expect to feed over 2,000 people. They give you big helpings of turkey, and all the picnic staples!! Tons of people were around monitoring the turkeys but it was so neat to see how they cooked all 300 turkeys!! It was a yummy and fun experience!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

John's Garden

John's garden is growing and is getting some yummy stuff that pretty soon we'll be able to eat!! The flowers are blooming which I love! My rose bush (which I didn't expect to bloom) that Little N got for me on Mother's day is blooming!! Strawberries are growing and apples are growing from the apple tree that we planted two years ago. It should be a good summer to take pictures and eat yummy food!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mystery Bike Ride

Zion has started a mystery bike ride to someone house. This week we went to Aarestad farm. Some of the people rode their bikes for 12.3 miles. We are gonna continue the bike rides through out the summer and see how far we've come. (Little N and Caristy carried the food and trailer in for everyone!) We grilled hot dogs (Little N tried a bite and then decided that it just wasn't for him!) but he's a pyro just like his daddy!!
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