Tuesday, February 27, 2007


So this weekend we got 10 to 12 inches of snow!

Starting on Wednesday through Friday we will have a storm warning. We are supposed to get possibly 18 inches and blizzard conditions! Yuck!!!

Aren't we supposed to have warmer weather? It's gonna be March on Thursday??!?!?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Western District Pastor and Wives Retreat!

So on Monday we went skiing and then drove to Minot. The Western District (that's what we are apart of with our church) had a retreat. It was a marriage retreat and also for us a getting to know who is in the Western District. The retreat went from Monday night till Wednesday around noon hour.

Monday...we got there and I was slightly emotional because I thought that my camera was going to be gone forever! So we got there and listened to the session and tried to relax. After the session Emily and Joel asked if we were hungry and if we wanted to get some pizza with them. We said YES! :-) We spent the time talking and catching up. Also looking and sharing other peoples funny pictures in their blogs (Normal Family!) Joel then showed John the funniest video about Captain Picard on YouTUBE. We laughed and laughed and then got a phone call from downstairs staying that we were to loud and asking if we please quiet down. Opps! We settled down and then they left.

Tuesday...Got ready and had breakfast! Then went to the morning session! Enjoyed that a lot again...lots of things about marriage and how to improve it or make it better! Went to CVS to get TYLENOL Cold for both of us to take to maybe feel better! Went back to the session and had to take a quiz.....to discover if you are a lion, otter, beaver or golden retriever. I discovered that I have a high score in Golden Retriever and Otter. While John has a high score in Beaver and a little bit in the Lion area. :-) Which explains a lot about how we interact and how each of us thinks! We discovered that on Tuesday Grizzlies has buy one hamburger get the other one free. So that was kind of nice.....good food for a cheap price! After lunch we walked around the mall. I got a hair cut and got my below the shoulder hair cut to right above the shoulders and with some chin or lip length layers! It's pretty cute looking if I say so myself! We went back and relaxed at the pool! I liked two of the slides but the third slide was all enclosed and pitch black and you couldn't tell when you were going to arrive at the end! Not fun! :-) We had a banquet and session. After the session we went back to the pool area and just relaxed.....closed down the pool area and then went to bed. :-)

Wednesday...woke up and packed up all of our stuff. Went down to breakfast and ate. Then we went to our last session. It was really good! We sat in men and women groups and just talked. Kind of nice. Then we transitioned and had communion for the last thing that we did at the retreat. Went to the grocery store to pick up some stuff and then stopped and got lunch and started back for Cooperstown.

It was a nice trip and a relaxing time to get together with old friends and meet new people.

Monday, February 19, 2007


So on Monday we left early in the morning and drove to Walhalla, ND (near the Canadian Border) to take 26 people skiing. I (Caristy) went along because John was going and then we were off to Minot that same day. :-) As we were driving to the ski resort....we made a stop and a bunch of the adults asked if I was going to go skiing. I said no because I don't have snow pants and John doesn't really want me to go without talking to the DR. So we get back into the car and continue driving. I call my doctor and leave a message telling her to call me back. We get closer to the ski area and we LOSE service. So the doctor can't call and tell me one way or the other. So I stay in the lodge and work on some stuff and talk to people as they come in from skiing. I start to get really jealous as I watch one of the men.....he skis just like daddy....nice sharp edges and fast. It made me really want to go down the slopes. Waited until it was time for John and I to go to Minot......when all of a sudden.....we hear that someone got hurt and it was from our group. Turns out that one of our little guys who came with us on the ski trip fell.....and hurt his collar. They weren't exactly sure what had happened so they thought it was really bruised or broken. So we called the dad to see what he wanted to do.....emergency room or drive back right away and have x-rays taken in Cooperstown. He decided he wanted him back in Cooperstown so three people took off to take him home. After that we left to go to Minot. As we left and got an hour and a half away from the ski resort the nurse called and said.....yeah you can go skiing and it should be no PROBLEM!!! Just be careful and be aware of your surroundings.....which I normally am.....sort of a cautious but good skier. (AHHHHHHHH......I was so disappointed after I heard that news!)

We got to Minot and discovered as we were unpacking the car that in the rush to leave.....I had left my CAMERA bag at the ski resort. So we frantically searched for numbers to see if people had my camera bag with them and that it hadn't gotten stolen. As we were calling we learned that the kid who went home had in fact broken his collar bone. Then we also learned that yes the camera bag had been taken by someone from our group!! (YEAH.....but so sad because I wanted to take pictures of our retreat!) I also learned that another one of the kids had HURT his collar bone. AHHHH.......I felt so bad! So I called his parents and found out that yes he probably had hurt himself but THANKFULLY it had just been something that hurt at the time but caused no LONG TERM injuries! PHEW!! What a fun ski trip!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fergus and Sr. High Winter Weekend!

We had a busy weekend! :-)

Friday ~ John left to run some errands in Fargo. I went and picked up 4 of the girls so that we could begin our drive to camp. We stopped at the Fargo mall and shopped at the mall. I got to see my sister-in-law Kim. (GRRR.....she looks all nice and tan and all relaxed from her 5 week trip to HAWAII) I was glad that they were able to go to Hawaii but I'm so glad that they are back. Then I got to see Ole and Kale. Then we went to Coldstone Ice Cream. It was so great because I got to have my ice cream and then we were on our way to Fergus. Got to camp and dropped everyone off. Got to hang out and eat with Tante Judy that night. We spent the night talking and catching up on life. It was a lot of fun. :-)

Saturday ~ I got up and ate breakfast and hung out with Tante Judy before she went to work at a baby shower. I got oil changed. Hung out with Kari (had lunch). Then I went to Camp to watch the volleyball tournament. We almost won the tournament....but the Iowans had to win. (It seems they always win.....can't they just let other people win for a change?!?) Went for McDonalds and Burger King! :-) Picked up John's slippers from our old house. (They were accidental shipped there and our downstairs neighbor picked them up for us!) Went to visit Grandma and then went to Kari's where I proceeded to watch TRADING SPACES! :-) Really good show!
Sunday ~ I got up and dressed waiting for John to come switch cars. I also dropped off all my stuff in his car. Then proceeded to go back into Kari's house and go back to sleep! :-) Then after a while I woke up and then Kari woke up. We started chit chatting about stuff. Then she got ready and I washed the dishes that I dirtied up from the day before....got ready and went to camp to pick up the girls. Went to Fargo and stopped at Arby's for lunch (nothing really health....just stuffed potato bite ....which I thought would be really good but it wasn't it!) Dropped of the girls at Cooperstown and then crashed! Then while bible study was going I frantically packed and folded laundry getting ready for our busy week!

It was a great weekend!!!

However....I've discovered that my doggy is missing! It went missing between Friday and Saturday between Tante Judy's and Kari's house and I can't find him. :-( Has anyone seen him??? Let me know!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!! :-)


So I spent a romantic day with a bunch of sniffling(yuck) preschoolers! :-) (However 3 kids did give me Valentines, but one told me that I wasn't his best friend because I kicked him out of one of the play centers/also made him clean up his mess!)
John spent the day reading and doing church stuff. We then spent the 45 minutes that we had together watching and looking at the science fair projects that the kids from our church and community had done. We then watched as they got the awards! So romantic!!! John gets to spend his Valentine's night with his Senior Confirmation class (eating Nachos, Ice Cream Floats, and talking about the bible!!) We get to spend so much time together today!!

Hope EVERYONE had a great valentine's day!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My TOWN is spreading the flu and cold germs around!

So lots of people in my town are sick! I get called in to work at the daycare from 8:30 to 3 and then I'll go to the after school program. Problem is......everyone either is getting over the cold or is getting the flu or something else! I hope I don't get it sick!! (Pretty likely I will because I'm hanging out with little kids that sneeze, cough and expect you to blow their nose!!) YUCK!!

That's what's up with us! More next week when we'll be back from the busy weekend!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Freezing but at least it's pretty right now!

So in ND we are encountering a cold snap!! Not just the in the tens. No we are talking about below zero! This weekend when John left on Saturday morning it was at least -25 degrees! This Sunday was cold! Monday it's was -16 and probably got colder! It's is nasty! But today we are having snowflakes with our cold weather so it makes it at least pretty to look at from the inside of your house! Here's what it looks like looking from my kitchen window! They say it's supposed to warm up but I'm not sure I believe that!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

We are ready to announce! :-)

So this week has been a fun week for us. We sent off cards, made phone calls and told our church. We are expecting our first child in the middle of August 2007. This is a very exciting time for us.

Rachel is excited because her kids won't be the only kids screaming and having a good time when we get together for family events with the Olson's! My family is excited because they get to have their first grandchild, niece/nephew. So we are excited about this fun news and this new adjustment!

The way John announced to our news to the church was. "Well I have one more announcement that I forgot to announce. We will be converting one of our rooms in the parsonage into a nursery." The gasps and claps that were to follow were priceless. :-) Then as people came up to me to tell me congratulations, some said that they didn't quite get the announcement. They couldn't understand why we were going to move the nursery to the parsonage. Also a lot of people (kids) didn't know what a nursery was so lots of kids turned to their parents asking questions! :-)
Welcome to our blog! We try to keep this current for family and friends. We moved to Taiwan in February 2011 and are trying to keep in contact with loved ones through this blog. We love comments and will respond back if you have questions or comments!! Thanks for checking us out!!


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