Sunday, February 19, 2017

A family picnic by the river

VEF changed their afternoon service to an evening service.  We are hoping that the evening service will grow and be something that we see growth on but another reason was to see if John would be able to spend a little bit of time with us as a family in the afternoon before our small group and the second service.  The second Sunday of us having the evening service DID NOT work for having family time.  John had meetings after meeting and it was just miserable for all of us because he had just gotten back from Thailand the night before (while all of us were sleeping) and all we wanted to do was spend time with him.

This week was better.  We had a quick meeting, then grabbed food and headed out to an old bridge that's been repaired and had a picnic by the water.  It was a little crazy getting there but it was worth it.  The kids got to run around climbing on rocks and using their imaginations.  John and Little N went on a quick river trace.   I just enjoyed coloring, taking pictures and listening to the little waterfall that was right in front of us while we ate.  It was the perfect day and we were thankful for the time we spent together as a family.  We also took a picture of Baby Olson at 32 weeks! 😀

Friday, February 17, 2017

A sleepover and a date night!

We had a surprise date night tonight!  One of our friend's sister is heading back home after a visit here in Taiwan.  They wanted our kids to have a sleepover at their house before she left.  We said okay and then realized that Little M had a pre-make up day for school on Saturday.  M's school is close to where my friend lives so he volunteered to drop him off at school on the way to work. 

The kids were so excited for their sleep over that they were ready to go before we had to leave.  Because we needed to let them run off some steam before going over we went over to the school park and then them play on the equipment and then run around.  Then we dropped them off for their sleepover.  They had a blast - they got treats, watched movies, got nails done and played soccer.  They were so happy after being at their house. 

We enjoyed a surprise date night.  Neither of us could really figure out what we wanted to do.  Do we go watch a movie, go out to eat, watch a tv show or just walk around the mall.  We cut out the movie because I was convinced that I would fall asleep at the theatre and that would be a waste of money.  Then I made the choice of ramen and ice cream.  Then we walked around the mall for a little bit before heading home and watching a tv show (which we fell asleep to).  It was a nice enjoyable time. 
 The kids got to watch the movie Sing which they loved and are now singing lots of different songs from the movie.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

31 weeks with little guy

I've made it to 31 weeks with this little guy.  The aches and pains that I feel with this little guy are not always fun and there are times that I walk around like an old lady.  But I think so far we have been doing well.  I am at 31 weeks and feeling okay!  Two weeks ago I had to take the three-hour diabetes test, that was not so fun but I haven't heard any news from the doctor that is a concern but I'm sure I'll get the results this Thursday at my doctor appointment.  I feel like this baby is VERY low and is putting extreme pressure on my sciatic nerve which makes walking not as fun and at times painful.  But thankfully the weather is relatively cool and I use a heating pack to try to gain relief which helps for sure.  But the kids and John are enjoying the baby movements.  The kids are trying to come up with names for the baby and we have a couple of ideas of what the baby name will be but we wait till the baby arrives and then we usually have a good stare at the baby to see if the name we choose is a good fit for our little guy.
 31 weeks along! I was really cold hence my look of brr...
All four of the kiddos!

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!  I hope that you guys are loved by the people who love you.  Those loved ones could be dear sweet friends, family members, loved ones, spouses, children, etc.  Our family has been wanting to go out to eat with daddy for a long time and we decided that instead of trying to do a romantic dinner with just mommy and daddy, we would just make it a family affair.  So we went to the restaurant called the Park.  The owner used to have a restaurant close to our house that we would go to so I was excited to see what the food would be like.  John got ribs for his Valentines meal and I had spaghetti because my meal I really wanted wasn't there.  The kids enjoyed fries, pizza, and chicken nuggets.  After dinner, because Little M had finished all his homework for school we stopped at a park to play and have some fun.  Happy Valentines Day everyone! Also,  I tried to have N take a picture of John and I but unfortunately because it was so late and it was so dark -- the picture didn't turn out.  It was really blurry because his hands weren't very steady and so we were just a big blurry mess.  I'm a little sad I don't have a picture of John and I for Valentines Day, but I have the memories of a fast walk to get to the restaurant and our meal and our walk back.
As we were walking back to the house we saw a bridge that was made of glass and the kids had fun staring at themselves in it.  

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Strawberry Picking at Dahu with Friends

We went with friends to Dahu, which is in Miaoli County.  Basically, it seems like every little town has a special thing that they are known for.  Well, Dahu is known for having strawberries and I guess oranges.  Some of our friends took us to go strawberry picking.  My kids were excited for the idea of strawberry picking but they were more excited about seeing one of their favorite people three days in a row.  They were seeing her for the second time in the row today.  My kids loved picking strawberries and I tried very hard to control them so they wouldn't pick so many that we would get into trouble.  Sadly because of Chinese New Year and I think because it was still early in the season (even though it feels late in my mind) the strawberries that we kept looking at just weren't that good.  We went over to another field and picked some other strawberries they were better but even those strawberries weren't the best.  I just don't think they are quite in season.  Thankfully we had fun and I think that's all that matters.
After picking strawberries we took a mountain road that was twisting and curving hoping to find a restaurant that my friends wanted to try.  We couldn't get to the one restaurant but we went with option b which was a cute little restaurant that just was more like a cafe with sandwiches, waffles, and drinks.  The kids wanted waffles so they shared two waffles and Little H shocked me as she ate 5 waffles.  (they weren't huge waffles but it was still a lot of food.)  Then they ran around with our friend.  Little H declared that everyone was going to play tag well except for mommy because the baby might hurt mommy if she ran around. Then Little N made me laugh as he was shocked that one our friends could run so fast.  N just looked at the guy and said in a surprised voice....I had no idea you could run that fast.  We just laughed.  The next funny moment that happened was when Little H went on to describe to one of our favorite friends how to play tag when all was being asked was are you sure you want me to chase you.  It was amusing and I laughed.   The best part of the day was that when we got home we brushed teeth and all three of the kids crashed.  They were asleep by 7:45 pm which since we started vacation break has not been the norm.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Big City - The Play Place Area

While John is gone and while all the kids are home and it's not too crazy with school and routine, I decided to use up some of the tickets that I bought a LONG time ago when I was still having play dates with Little H's best friend.   The tickets expire in July of this year and we still have a bunch of tickets.  So we walked to Big City, had lunch (pizza and noodles) and then headed over to the play place.  The strange but nice part of the play place is that it's all self-contained and there are tons of staff so parents can leave their kids there to play for 3 hours and run out to do errands...or if they want to go in the parents or adults have to spend some amount of money so that they can go in.  Which I just think is a little bit silly but rules are rules.  I guess most parents don't go in the play area with their kids and so it's just a way to make some money from the parents that do want to go in with their kids.
I did have some errands that I had to run - I was looking for some baskets for storage for the kids room -  Little H's room I want to get a storage basket for her stuffed animals and the boys I want to get some storage baskets that they can put some of their favorite treasures there and have it organized under their bed.  I also ran over to Daiso to see if I could find a container to store Little H's earrings and my earring so they were contained and didn't get lost.  After my errands, I went back, checked on the kids and then sat down to color in my coloring book.  It was kind of relaxing to color and not have to worry about the kids, because I knew they were having a blast.  The kids never found me until I searched them out again then and that was a mistake because they didn't want to leave me and play.  They just wanted to be near me and they were ready to be done.  We made it about 2 1/2 hours before the kids wanted to be done and went out with one of the staff to find me.  After they washed hands and went to the bathroom, we went downstairs and got some candy for our movie night and then walked back home.  Glad that the kids were able to go out and play and have fun.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Puzzle Fun

John left early on February 1st to go on a mission trip to Thailand.  Victory Church in Hsinchu has gone to southern Thailand on short term mission trips for a couple years now.  This I believe is John's 3rd or 4th year going on the mission trip.   This year we were supposed to all go as a family but then we found out that I was expecting and with Zika virus and the danger it poses for babies.  So the kids and I are staying back in Taiwan while John goes to Thailand.   Maybe next year we will get to go to Thailand. Hopefully, when John gets back from Thailand, I can take some of his pictures and show you some of the things that he did on the mission trip.  You can pray for the team because John and another person are the only people who went from Victory English the rest of the team is from the Chinese side of Victory Hsinchu and Victory Jhubei church.  So pray that there would be unity and that they would be able to work together as a team.  I know that John will have a good time while he is there.

Before John left to go to Thailand he gave the kids some puzzles to do while they are home with me.  The boys got a 520 piece puzzle.  John started the process of the puzzle with the boys getting the edges of the puzzle put together and then the boys continued to work on the puzzle.  Little M got frustrated with the idea of all the pieces and ended up destroying parts of the puzzle because of trying to figure out where stuff goes.   But Little N loved working on the puzzle and finished the puzzle up today.  He was so excited that he finished it and asked me to take a picture of him working and the finished puzzle for dad.   While N worked on finishing the puzzle John had gotten, Little M pulled out two of the big puzzles that Grandma Olson had bought us over the years and completed them.  Little M was proud of the fact that he finished his two puzzles and wanted pictures taken of his two puzzles.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February Memory Verse - I John 4:16

February is usually the month at least in the USA, that we think about love.  So our bible verse for this month is a beautiful reminder that the ultimate love is God.  God loves us and God is love!  What a beautiful reminder and promise.   This bible verse is an excellent verse to just meditate on.  

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Chinese New Year Break - Cherry Blossoms & Waterfalls

We are on Chinese New Year Break!  This Sunday we had one service and then basically the church closed at 1 pm.   Chinese New Year here in Taiwan is basically a break similar to Christmas in the USA.  Everything kind of shuts down and people go back to visit with their families.   Church closes and it is closed...we discovered that the hard way our first year we lived in Taiwan.  John left our Wii at church and thought he could quick go get it and discovered that was locked up and stayed lock up.  This year we had Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday for a break - we did things as a family, with some friends and also enjoyed our time. 
 After church, we went searching for a restaurant that was open so we could eat with friends.  We finally found a new place to us - a Japanese Ramen/Curry place.  The food was pretty good and the conversations that we had with friends were even better.   I love this picture of N and our friend.
 Afterward our lunch we took a drive up into the mountains.  We were hunting for Cherry Blossoms.  This year has been a strange year, with it being so warm.  We keep waiting for the cooler temperatures but I really don't think they will come.  So on our adventure, we found some Cherry Blossoms but I think we were still too early and by the time we can go out again I think they will be already passed.  But they sure are pretty!
 We also I think found some pretty Plum Blossoms. 
We also went back to the waterfalls!  They are so pretty and make me SO happy!  Sadly the going back up the steps for me was very difficult -- my heart started to race and I was just out of breath.  I can't wait to figure out how to get back in shape after this pregnancy.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Meal with Friends

We had a nice visit and a nice meal with this little girl's mom and dad.  I've known this little one since she was first born.  She has always had a smile on her face or always let me take her but as she has gotten older she has gotten less familiar with me so she smiles less at me and is more afraid of me.  However, she is slowly getting more comfortable with me...just the fact that I act silly with her.  Her dad won't let me give her sweets and treats so I can't bribe her to like me with treats so it's lots of work and lots of smiling and having fun.  She had fun with the kids tonight as they all played together.  They ran around after eating and then were giving each other hugs and falling down.  It was super cute. 
 We had a delicious meal of Vegetarian Chili.  It was yummy and we had a yummy salad with balsamic vinegar.  Then after our meal, we enjoyed a yummy, but simple dessert of a flat bread with sour cream and then sliced apples with a little bit of cinnamon and sugar on top.  Surprisingly Little N really liked the dessert.  Little H at first didn't like it but then she enjoyed it and liked it.  I had a hard time allowing Little N to slice the apples but he did a good job and thankfully he didn't lose a finger.  Plus he was supervised pretty well by our friend. Thankful friends who visit with us and cook for us.  It was a wonderful evening.
 I love the little finger wanting to touch the dough to see what in the world her dad was making.  It just makes me smile! 😋
 The final product!  It looks so yummy and it was so yummy!! 

Friday, January 27, 2017

Happy Lunar New Year's Eve (Chinese New Year's Eve) fun!

It was a semi-busy day today.  I had to go for a three-hour testing to test to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes.  I'm not exactly sure why I had to do the fast at night, and then get blood drawn three times.  Maybe because of my age or maybe it's a new thing that they are doing here in Taiwan.  I have no idea.  I do now that it made me very sleepy and I have some nice bruises from where they drew the blood. 

After I got back from the hospital, John left to take a bunch of guys to the orange grove to pick oranges.  The kids and I cleaned up, and I took a nap to recover some from my morning adventure while they played games. 

John got back and we decided to go downtown to see if they had anything up to celebrate Chinese New Year.  We walked downtown -- stopping and playing at all the parks, finding bathrooms for me and then stopping at our jewelry store so that Little H could show her brothers and her dad where she went to get her ears pierced.  We also picked out a couple of studs for her to wear after she wears her earrings for a couple more weeks and I decided last minute that I wanted to add another whole in each of my ears. 

  Then we went to see the blow-up chicken that was up in the middle of Hsinchu in honor of the year of the Chicken or Rooster.   As we were walking around downtown we found a long tent that had food vendors and a couple of game vendors and other vendors selling stuff in the middle of the street.  The kids begged us to let them play a game which we did and they earned a prize.  For some reason, those prizes drive me insane....maybe because it's a cheap prize and it breaks almost as soon as you get it and then all you hear is whining that it broke.  But it's in your house and you can't get rid of it because it's still a precious toy in the sight of that child.  Thankfully we could walk home and as we walked home we enjoyed the beautiful stars that we don't often get to see in the city. 

With the start of Chinese New Year, everything in Hsinchu is a little bit quieter as everyone is going to visit family in their hometowns and for the most part Hsinchu is not many people's hometown.  So we enjoy a little bit of quiet and not so much traffic during this next couple of days.  Happy Lunar New Year!!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Little H and Mommy date

Little H and I had basically two days to hang out while the boys went hiking and camping together.  Right now we have a break for Chinese New Little M and Little H have about three weeks off from school.   So John decided that he would take the boys camping and do some hiking.  Unfortunately, right now I am past the stage of being able to do the kind of hiking and camping that John likes to do with my pregnancy, so Little H and I stayed back while the guys had their nature fun.
I tried to think of something that would be fun to do and also something that we would be able to give Little H for her birthday.  She has been asking for a while now if she could get her ears pierced and I haven't cared one way or the other about.  John, on the other hand, has been very against the idea of having her get her ears pierced.  So he told me right around her birthday that if she came up and asked him or I to get her ears pierced that we could do it.  She asked both of us, so I decided that while the boys played and had fun, we would also have fun.

So with getting Little H's ears pierced, there are some rules.  Until she is a teenager she can only wear studs.  I don't want her to have dangly earrings while she is still so young and doesn't understand how to take care of herself and to be careful.  So we will enjoy the cute little studs that they have available.

Little H was a little nervous because I told her what would happen when they pierced her ears.  But when we got to the place I've bought jewelry from she was very excited and ready.  The lady cleaned her ears, marked it up and then told her to sit very still while she got everything ready.  The first earring went in and I was expecting tears or at the very least being asked for a snuggle but she was good.  Then after the second one, she had no tears and had the biggest smile on her face.  She was so proud that she got them done and happy she got them.  She couldn't wait to show her dad and brothers.  Also, she was happy because now she could finally say yes to her Grandpa when he asked her if she had her ears pierced.
After getting her ears pierced we sat down by the canal and drank our special drinks.  Then we had a couple of different opportunities to take pictures.  She was so giddy it was very cute.   Then we made our way to the mall where we enjoyed a special treat of donuts, ice cream, noodles and some shopping.   It was a very fun and busy day that made for a happy day instead of a sad day missing her daddy and brothers. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Little H's program at Ren Guang

Every year the kids have been at their Chinese Kindergarten there has been an end of the year program.  This year Little H's grade has been studying about Herbivores and Carnivores.  So for the presentation between the classes, they all dressed up as Herbivores and Carnivores.  Little H was a cute little rabbit but we had all different animals.  We had fish, lions, tigers, giraffes.  It was very cute to watch.  Then we got to eat tons of yummy food that all the parents brought to share. 
 Little H's teachers were zebras! 
 My cute little rabbit! 
 She was so proud of her rabbit makeup, her ears, and her little tail!  

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Playing on the Rocks in between Jhubei & Hsinchu

 We went to the river today for a mini-adventure.  The boys had so much fun climbing through the maze stone steps and just exploring and having fun.  Little H had fun jumping on the stone steps with daddy.  While I just sat down and enjoyed the scenery and the sunset!
 The kids and John by the water! 
 Fishermen fishing! 
Welcome to our blog! We try to keep this current for family and friends. We moved to Taiwan in February 2011 and are trying to keep in contact with loved ones through this blog. We love comments and will respond back if you have questions or comments!! Thanks for checking us out!!


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