Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The fifth day of Advent

The boys woke up and I heard giggles and then I heard OH no....the Cat in the Hat ate one of the cookies we made, then there was more laughter.  It's been fun finding things to do with the boys...there is definitely something magically about childhood where you see the best in things.  I wish I could bottle that up so that on the rainy days or the days where nothing seems to go as planned we can just have that childlike faith that anything can happen.
Today was a horribly busy day and sadly we didn't get what I had hoped we could do.  Today was a fun day but at the same time not the best day.  To start off -- Little M got into the elevator and the doors shut before I could get inside....major mommy failure!  So I ran down the stairs (14 flights) with Little H while John went down the elevator hoping that we found him. Thankfully he was down where he was let off and he was fine.  Then I got lost trying to get to a new place...I hate getting lost and I hate not knowing where I am going but it's kind of life....things don't go the way you plan so you adjust and make different plans.  We got to play with new friends which was so much fun!  The kids had so much fun playing and I enjoyed my time chatting with the moms.
Then we got home and I had to deal with the bug bombs....while I was gone John let two bug bombs go off in the boys bedroom and our bedroom....we have been getting more bugs and we just want to get rid of them...not sure if it's because we have more people moving into our apartment or if it's because it's getting colder out but we don't want them around.  So I had to clean up from the mess in those two rooms before I could let the kids in those rooms.....but it gave me a headache so I was more irritable to the little demands made by little people.  Thankfully the boys decided to play with Little H in her crib (in the hallway) so I was able to get work done.  Then we had a friend come over to try to get pictures done but the kids weren't happy, the sun had gone down, and it was raining so I have some shots but not because of the photographer but because of the circumstance and my family, they weren't what I wanted but I like what we have.  But because I had to clean up from the bug bomb and get ready for pictures we weren't able to do our 5th day of Advent project.  So tomorrow we will do two days in one! :-) I hope that tomorrow will be a better day!
Our Scripture verse for today was Psalm 45:6 – Your throne, O God, will last for ever and ever; a scepter of justice will be the scepter of your kingdom.

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  1. Wow, little N and M (and H), I'm not sure about that Cat in the Hat! I rather like him, though.


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