Sunday, December 16, 2012

The sixteenth day of Advent

Cat in the hat was playing the Little N's nook with Buzz Lightyear and reading books last night.  The boys thought it was hilarious that the Cat in the Hat and Buzz were reading books together and having fun.
 Sunday's are always a busy day and today was no different.  Still in shock over the news of the shooting in CT and trying to explain to Little N that the people he knows and love are safe in CT was difficult.  Such a hard thing and I can't even begin to imagine what the people are going through.  I can't imagine how the families, friends and loved one are feeling at this point.  It was very sweet that Little N stopped me as I was reading the news about what was happening with tears rolling down my face and we talked about what happened, then he stopped us and said a sweet innocent prayer of a child - praying for people who were hurt and sad like his mommy.  Today my kids enjoyed preparing for the Christmas program with the Chinese Sunday school.  While the kids were in Sunday School, Little H and I played with a little girl who was a week younger than her and just spent time chatting with one another and getting to know one another. After Sunday school we drove home and spent time cuddling, just having much needed down time before we left for a friend's house for a Christmas meal with the pastors at Victory Church.  It was lots of fun listening all in Chinese (no I don't understand Chinese, but you can understand laughter, hand gestures and the funnier moments were translated into English for me).
I love that M is trying to follow along.
We left early because we had to get Little N home so he could go to bed so he would be ready and cheerful for school on Monday.  When we got home he wanted to do the activity for the day so I pulled out the coloring page that they were supposed to do today and set the timer for bed.  It seemed to be the perfect way to end the day - him just coloring and just relaxing as he colored his picture.  I can tell that he is getting older and what he is learning in school just by his coloring skills.  Before he didn't care about coloring in the lines and anything could be colored in any old color but now there is a method to his coloring and he tries his hardest to make sure he stays in the lines.  He also love writing his name on the papers which at times gets him into trouble especially when he writes on the chairs or table and then blames it on his brother.  But tonight it was just the relaxing motion of coloring his manger scene and just having fun.
Why yes he is wearing a tie.  He wanted to wear a tie today and got dressed all by himself.  Very opinionated about about he was going to wear today!

Today's memory verse was found in -Mark 1:7 – And this was John’s message: “After me will come one more powerful than I, the thongs of whose sandals I am not worthy to stoop down and untie.”

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