Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The eleventh day of Advent

This morning was an early morning.  Little M was up at a very early hour wouldn't go back into his bedroom so I brought him into our bed for some cuddle time which I think he enjoyed until Little H decided it was time to have something to eat then I'm not sure if he was awake or asleep...pretty sure he annoyed John.  I fell back asleep and woke up to laughter as Little M opened the fridge and found that Cat in the Hat went into the fridge for a drink and got stuck in the fridge.  Both Little N and Little M thought it was very funny that Cat in the Hat was in the fridge.
 We went over to a friends house to make gingerbread cookies today.  My friend had already made the gingerbread and so as soon as we got there we proceeded to roll out the dough and cut out shapes.  The kids enjoyed rolling them out and then trying some of the dough.  We had to wait for the dough to cook and then we got to decorate with m&m's and frosting.  Pretty sure that today the kids enjoyed making the cookies and eat the cookies.
Rolling out the dough

It's always important to taste along the way!
The finished product
You can see Little H's two little teeth in this picture.  No she did not have m&m's we were just distracting her with wrappers.

Today's bible verse is Luke 1:37 – For nothing is impossible with God.

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