Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Fun Family Adventure

Probably our smartest move was to take both Christmas Day and the day after Christmas off for Little N's school.  He was supposed to go to school both on Christmas Day and today but we just made the decision that we wanted to be able to relax, spend time as a family and talk to our family today.  It was such a great day because the kids could talk to family, they could play with their new stuff and we could be together as a family.

We also went on a walk and a little adventure around our neighborhood.  We have started the kids on an allowance. John wanted to teach them the importance of tithing, saving and spending.   It's worked out very well - every Sunday morning the kids make sure that I take their money for God and they give it to God during Chinese Sunday School.  We have a couple different things that we are saving for one is long term and we aren't letting them touch that till they are 18 years old and then we have another container for saving for something special, which John hopes will teach them delayed gratification and the importance of saving for something that we really want and the final one is money that they can spend at 7-11.  Each week they have enough money to buy a candy and a yogurt drink at 7-11.  It's super cute to watch them figure out what to buy, give the cashier their money and then take their receipt, they are so proud of themselves. Hopefully we can keep this up because I think it's teaching them some important skills about money.
After our trip to 7-11 we took the kids to the park and let them play on the playground equipment.  Little H has really taken off on her walking and is excited to just toddle along whenever she is able to.  She also so badly wants to keep up with her brothers and I'm sure that this will be the case for the rest of her life.
All right so I had some fun on the playground equipment too. 

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