Monday, December 10, 2012

Little H is 11 months

Little H is 11 months.  Just thinking back to a year ago when I was worried that she would come before Christmas or right at Christmas but she had her own plan and ideas.  She is a wonderful little girl.  She loves her brothers and her dad a lot!  She is very sensitive and does not like to be yelled at even if the yelling is not directed at her.  She loves to eat...I have no idea where she puts it all but she eats SO much food.  She is still not sleeping through the night but I'm hopeful that she will soon.  She has slept through the night once since she was born.  She is trying to stand up and take steps by herself (the most she has done at a time is 4 steps).  She can walk along furniture and the wall and is very proud of herself that she can do that.  She is getting to the clingy stage and can be at times like a koala bear, clinging on for dear life.  She won't sit for pictures well not her 11 month pictures. I will have to try for more later on this month. She is my baby and I love her.
 You can see in her face how much she loves her brother. 
 So proud of herself that she can stand up by herself for a little bit but gets SO offended if she falls and we make the slightest giggle or laughter.  
 Little M loves to have his picture taken when it's time for Little H's pictures! 
 Little N is a little bit more difficult to take pictures of lately! 

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