Kids Crafts

I am trying to get in the habit of doing simple crafts with my kids.  I remember my mom taking the time to do special projects with us and I want to pass on that tradition to my kids.  Here are a list of the various things we have done together. 

Painting Pumpkins -- We used squash and painted our squash instead of carving pumpkins.
Cooking with kids - Oatmeal cookies
Apple Project -- We cut out our paper apples and then glued colored beans on them.
Pumpkin Project -- We roasted pumpkin seeds, cut out our pumpkins and colored them, then we tried our roasted pumpkin seeds before we glued them onto our paper.
Jesus in a Manger -- We cut out felt to make a manger, then glued on Popsicle sticks and put Baby Jesus in the manger.
Making new crayons from broken crayon pieces -- We made new crayons from broken pieces of crayons.  The way to make broken crayon new and exciting for kids and adults alike.
Cinnamon Play dough -- We made cinnamon play dough this recipe you might need to tweak some based on where you live and just how you like the feel of your play dough.
Marshmallow Snowmen -- We made Snowmen out of Marshmallows for our bedtime snack and the kids loved it.  A very quick and easy project that you can do with your kids.
Snowman Shakers - Take toilet paper rolls and turn them into fun musical instruments

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