Saturday, May 31, 2008

Golden Lake

We were asked to go out and take some pictures of Golden Lake for a couple of our friends. We did it with pleasure and went out there for the day and just waited and took some pictures. One of my favorites was this guy pulled up in his homemade car and it looked SO COOL that I just needed to take a couple pictures of it and the even cooler thing was that he let Little N sit in the car. He put on the steering wheel so that Little N could have something to hold on to. Here are just a few of my pictures. I took over 300 pictures. So narrowing it down to my favorites is hard. Enjoy!! When the day was finished Little N was so tuckered out that he fell asleep in his carseat and when I got him out he stayed fast asleep. It was a long but fun day.

The Aladdin Play

Last year around this time I was helping out and preparing for the Peter Pan play. What a difference a year makes. This year we walked to school and watched Aladdin with Little N around. It was fun to watch the kids do their play. They learn the play in 3 days and do a great job. It was fun just to be able to kick back and enjoy listening to the kids act out their parts.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

State Golf

The last day of State Golf, Little N and Caristy made it to the golf course. We didn't go on the course to watch at all but we are in the club house. Our guy golfed well, didn't place but wasn't last. John got some great shots of him golfing and didn't distract him either because he had the big lens. :-)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hanging out at the pool!

So Tuesday Little N and Caristy just hung out by the pool. Robin came over to join us and to hang out. Little N took a bribe of ice cubes to sit with Robin. That was just hilarious to watch. We went to Walmart to get stuff and then played in the pool. It was just nice to relax and just hang out.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Hanging with the Erickson's for Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to everyone. We are so blessed to have men and women who have defended and continue to defend our country. We honor our veterans and the soldiers who are currently defending and protecting us. We got together with the Erickson clan today. Everyone brought food to share and it was so YUMMY. It was fun to be able to hang out. I'm very sad that I didn't get any pictures of he will be very sad that he didn't make it into my blog! :-) Here are some pictures from the day.

Let's go swimming! :-)

John is one of the golf coaches for our town and one of our golfers made it into State Golf. Pretty neat right! :-) Well because we had a kid going to state we got to go to Fargo for State Golf meet. We also got to stay in a hotel and enjoy a NICE warm pool. Little N got to play in the water for the first time with his cousins. It was so much fun!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dogs, Cats it doesn't matter!

We got invited to look at JoAnn's kittens! So we journeyed over there and looked at her kittens. Little N is back to being nervous around dogs and kittens. (We were over someone's house who had a dog a week back!) John was holding Little N and at first we thought he was fine with the kittens. But we brought one close to him and he freaked out. I guess that once we go to visit Grandma and Grandpa Dalene's, it will be a time of getting used to the puppies again. Here are some pictures of the cute kittens and of Little N surrounded by flowers. Thanks JoAnn for letting us visit!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

John's Garden is Fenced in and he had help! :-)

John got help putting up his garden fence. :-) He and Zac worked on the fence and then played some games. Zac also got to watch Caristy as she tumbled off the hammock while trying to juggle! Thanks Zac for your help!!
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