Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Grassland Picnic

Today is Tuesday, we adjust and go with the flow.  We learned that we will be having Little H watched every other Tuesday, which are still thankful for. She doesn't take much work or entertainment so today we just took her on our date.  We decided to go to grasslands.  John needed to get out of the city and he needed to see trees and grass and no people.  So we drove, then walked around this area and had a picnic.  We had a blast and thankfully my little darling was willing to pose for me. (This past week was a very busy week and tiring week.  So we just needed to get out and rest and recharge in nature!) Little H had fun "hiking" along with us.  Thankfully also she was willing to pose for me and wanted me to take her picture because last week was a little overwhelming for her with attention from people.   
She is such a funny little girl! I love her!
 Hello lizard who was climbing a tree!  How are you?

Friday, September 26, 2014

Little H - a playdate at the college with friends

We met at the college to play together!  The girls had so much fun - blowing bubbles, chasing the birds around and playing with each other.  They were just in their own little world and imagine that there were all sorts of amazing things all around. I love this age and their little sense of wonder and imagination. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A new normal!

Tuesdays are a busy day!  N is in school till 3:50 pm, and it's just a long day for him.  One of our friends and helpers who watched our kids two years ago came up to me and said that she would watch Little H on Tuesdays so that John and I would be able to go on dates.  This is such a blessing.  We really learned last year how much we needed those dates and to try to plan those times where we are spend time together.  So we drop off the kids, go on our "date" and then pick up little M - he gets some one on one time with us which isn't always normal and then we go get N from school and go pick up Little H.  While we pick up Little H,  N gets  homework help from our friend and then we go home.  Today was the day that we realized that N needed more help then what we were able to give him.  He was struggling with his tones and reading.  So we made the decision to talk to Chuang Guan about getting Little N homework help every day but Tuesday after school.  I am so thankful for God's blessing to us in unexpected ways!  The bonus is that every Tuesday I get to watch the Sunset behind the hills as we drive home.  So pretty! 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Chupei - The Spiderweb climbing playground

This week was a rough week for me.  I got into an accident on Wednesday with a scooter.  It was my fault but the scooter hit me.  It was scary but thankfully he was okay, the kids and I were okay and just some scratches on a car that already had scratches.   John felt that we needed to get away and just go for a drive.  So he went searching for this playground that has ropes that almost form a spiderweb.  We thought that the kids would really enjoy it.  It took us a while to find the park but we found it and the kids had a blast!  They climbed and played till it was time for us to go home.  The drive home was a little stressful because a car pulled out and almost hit us.  Thankfully John is a good driver but I still cried because it was just a little bit to close of a call. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Little H and her best friend R

Little H and Little R have a very special relationship.  I have known Little R's mom if not since we moved to Taiwan at least a few short months after we moved here.  She was pregnant with R and I found out shortly after moving here that I was pregnant with Little H.  The one thing that has been a blessing since living here is that Little H and R have spent time with one another almost every week if not every week then it would be once a month.   I find it very interesting but they are truly best friends.  They have such a special friendship and I'm so thankful that Little H has this type of friendship.  Both Kelly and I love just watching them play together.  At first they would just play together, then they would start to have conversations just talking and laughing but mommies could never understand what was being said.  Then came the part that both mommies found hilarious and fun - them arguing with each other.  It doesn't happen very often but sometimes they both want to have their way.  It's funny to watch them work it out.  They love each other and I'm so happy that they have each other. 
 No clue what they are doing! 
 Happy to be with friends!  We are so blessed!! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Adventure - The Spot

We took our first Monday adventure in a long time since the kids started kindergarten two and half years ago.  John had heard about this beach that had toilets and "showers" and wanted to find it.  We needed to see if that would be a good spot for our family to go to the beach.   So we drove and found the Spot.  The Spot is a place that is trying to build up a beach culture.  Taiwan is an island but not many of it's people will go to the beach and just play in the water.  Some of it is fear - fear of superstitions, some of it is fear of pollution, some of it is people just don't know how to swim well here.   But what was most exciting about the Spot was that they rented out SUP boards!  A little bit expensive but I'm super excited to at least try it once while I'm in Taiwan.  I think it would be so much fun.  But because we weren't prepared for the water with swimsuits or towels we just enjoyed the sun and sand.  

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A picnic at the river

We are not very good at being city people.  We try hard but we sometimes needs to escape the hustle and bustle that goes around us and just escape into nature.  Today was one of those days.  We just needed to go to the river and just hang out.  We avoided the people climbed into the water so we could just hide away from everyone and just enjoy nature.  The kids had fun throwing rocks, I had fun dangling my toes into the water while reading a book.  Then they all enjoyed floating on the stream as it carried them like a slide further down the river. So happy that John suggested we go to the river and have a picnic.

Today was also my dad's birthday!  So in my mind we also had a picnic to celebrate his birthday.  The kids were very excited to know that it was Grandpa's birthday today! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Little M and Mommy ice cream date

With each of our kids on or around their birthday I have tried to take them on an ice cream date to Coldstone.  Just a little one on one time where I can just chat and visit with them.  During that time I have found out some much of what they want to be or do.  I love this time to be able to see their little hearts and minds. I love this tradition of celebrating their birthday together just the two of us.  I hope to keep it a "birthday" tradition. (It might not be on the birthday but around the birthday).
 Happy birthday my sweet Little M!  I pray that you grow big and strong and most importantly that you know and love the Lord with all your heart!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Mid-Autumn Festival - BBQ on the Beach

So today was a holiday.  We got to go to the beach with friends and the guys got to have fun grilling and cooking over an open flame on the beach.  The kids had fun playing in the water and sand.  I enjoyed reading a book and taking pictures.  It was such a beautiful day for fellowship and spending time together.  

The men had fun making a fire on the sand and on the grill.  Fire and men....could anything be better?
The kids played in the sand and the water! They had so much fun. 
Gorgeous sky as the sun went down!
The beautiful moon! 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

OM ship - Logos Hope Crew sharing at VEF

One of the things that the crew on the Logos Hope does is visit churches to share their testimonies and just share how God has used them both on the ship and in their lives.  It was fun to listen to both the men share how God had used them and how they have grown and felt God's call in their life since being on the ship.  There are over 45 countries represented on the Logos Hope ship. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

A trip up to Keelung to see the Logos Hope boat

We took a train up to Keelung with some friends to see the Logos Hope boat.  It has one of the largest floating bookstores on the boat.  We were excited to see what it was about so we asked some friends to join us as we traveled there.   Logos Hope is a boat that travels the world providing knowledge, help and hope.  The ship has many different nationalities on the ship as it travels around the world trying to provide different needs as it travels it different ports.  It uses it bookstore to draw people in to buy books and then gives the boat staff the opportunity to share why they are on the boat and share their testimony.  They also help provide potable (drinkable) water to areas that don't have it. They have a variety of ministries. I encourage you to check out the OM ship International - Logos Hope for more information.
Traveling by train from Hsinchu to Keelung.  We had lots of fun but our train eventually got rather full.
A family picture plus our buddy B right outside the Logos Hope ship.
We explored the bookstore -- there was so many people and so many books you could just get lost in the bookstore trying to figure out which books to buy.  Each of the kids picked out a book and I think I bought 4 books for myself.  I have always loved having a physical book.  Plus there are some books that are just nicer to have as a physical copy and not as an e-book.   After exploring the bookstore one of my friends found a Finnish lady who was a crew member on the boat and offered to give her a tour of the boat.  We snuck along for the tour and that made it so much more interesting.  We learned what Logos Hope did and why the crew members gave up a year or two of their life to travel on the boat. Both John and I said that if we hadn't been able to go on the tour we might have been a little bit disappointed and a little bit let down for traveling all the way up to Keelung and back.  

Friday, September 5, 2014

Little H's playdate with Little R at the play area in Big City

This summer has been a busy summer.  Us going back to the states, John going on a mission trip to Japan and lots of other things that kept us busy.  We struggled trying to get together with Little H's friend R this summer but they also had a busy summer of traveling.  Today was the first time since May that they had seen each other.  They were so excited to be around each other and play together. I love watching them play together.  They truly are best friends. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday - Little M

Today is such a special day!  Little M was born this day 5 years ago.  It was a bit of a commotion his arrival here but we were so happy he arrived.  I have enjoyed all these years of watching him grow up.  There have been our ups and downs but I think that just the case in life with everyone.
I can't wait to see what is in store for my little guy this year.  Great things.  I love you to the moon and back, my sweet Little M.
 Little M brought cookies to school to share with his classmates for his birthday.  Then when we got home we played and then we went to Family Mart to get ice cream as a family.  Little M chose a pokey stick for his "ice cream".  
 The kids had fun playing and goofing off while eating their ice cream and being able to play outside.  I have three really goofy kiddos!
After playing downstairs, Little M got to open up his birthday presents.  I love watching him as he openned up stuff because he was so excited to get everything that was given to him.
Welcome to our blog! We try to keep this current for family and friends. We moved to Taiwan in February 2011 and are trying to keep in contact with loved ones through this blog. We love comments and will respond back if you have questions or comments!! Thanks for checking us out!!


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