Monday, June 30, 2008

Drive around the country and a visit with JoAnn

After golf we decided to take a nice cool drive around the country and then decided to go see JoAnn's house. As we were driving around we saw deer all over the place.

More golf but this time with John!! :-)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Good bye Hotel & Tante Jewel!!

We woke up on Sunday and got ready. Had the most amazing breakfast! Yummy!! I had an omelette with eggs, cheese, spinach, tomatoes, bacon, peppers, a couple onions! Wow....was it good. After we ate and checked out. I drove back to Fergus to pick up my mom and say good bye to Tante Jewel. We had ice cream (which Little N has no off switch for and ended up getting sick from eating to much!). Then we headed back home!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Guess who stayed at our hotel?

The Oscar Mayer Weiner mobiles! Of course Kim and I had to get pictures with it! How cool is that!! :-) Little N got in on the action too!! These pictures are for Ole and John.

Going to Como Zoo!

We had an Olson girls & kids day. We left on Saturday morning and drove down to the cities to go to Como Zoo. I have two slide of the kids and one of the animals. We had a blast together just laughing and giggling. We got the zoo and got to go see all the animals. Little N wasn't as impressed as the other kids (next year kiddo, next year) but he loved to hang out with his cousins and his cousins loved him. Little N and R just loved holding hands and being next to each other.

The animals

Returning from the Mission Trip!

After being in Martin, SD. John had decided that they needed a time to kind of talk together as a group about what they had done and experienced. Some people had never been to Nebraska so seeing they were 15 minutes from Nebraska they went. Then they went to Mount Rushmore and the Badlands. They had a great time.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Swimming and playing!

Grandma I love you!

We went to Perham for a short day trip. If you haven't been to Perham and you are addicted to quilting they have a fabric shop that would be perfect for you. If you like food and coffee they have a shop for food that is very cute and delicious. Little N loved the food because he decided that he wouldn't eat his food but he did decide that eating Cheese Soup was good.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dinner and Fun at the Rogness'

I have to say that when my mom's siblings get together there can be some very serious conversations intermixed with some goofy moments. I love just watching it all, the laughter and love that just there. Thanks Uncle Matt and Tante Judy for hosting us all at your house for dinner and fun chit chats! It was a blast! While at Uncle Matt's I was finally able to get a picture of Little N standing up by himself with nothing to help him stay up. It's really funny because he'll just stand there and if he has something in his hands he's fine but as soon as he realize what he's doing he'll fall down because he thinks he can't stand up by himself. He's silly!

Hello Great Grandma & more Golf!

We drove down to see Grandma R. and then went to do some more golfing at Pebble Lake golf course. We had some really funny things happen there. Little N looked all spiffy and ready for golf. I had some pretty bad shots but the course at Pebble is SO much different than the course in Cooperstown. We had fun and Grandma was just laughing at some of the things we did. But I think one day of golf was plenty for her.

Zion Youth Mission Trip

On our mission trip we went with a group called Youth Works ( Very well organized and nicely run. The group is there for the whole summer working in the community with new teams coming in every week. Where our group went was Martin, SD. It's a town which is situated in between two Indian Reservations. It was a life changing experience and really opened the eyes of the students who went on the mission trip. I know John is looking forward to the next mission trip that we will take next year. When they arrived at Martin there were 4 church groups that were there and they wanted to split up each of the groups so that there would be interaction in between the groups. John had the boys so all the pictures we have are of the guys and none of the girls from our group. They were able to scrap and paint two houses (all the groups) and I think that's pretty amazing. The house that the guys worked was owned by a woman who had just lost her husband and she was running the farm so this was just a way for them to check one thing of her to do list. The funny thing was that some birds had made her house there house and she liked them there so the kids had to work around scrapping and painting around the birds nests. Here's some more information taken from the Youth Works website:

American Indian
There are many stereotypes and misconceptions about American Indians. On a YouthWorks' mission trip, those stereotypes will be broken down as you learn from a reservation's rich heritage and culture. Your group will have the opportunity to lead a YouthWorks Kids Club and take part in house painting, and if possible, minor home improvement projects.

Surrounded by the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Sioux Indian reservations, the town of Martin, South Dakota offers unique access to the Lakota culture. There also are plenty of opportunities to explore the outdoors by hunting and fishing, or taking advantage of local golf courses, bike paths and athletic fields. Just like the reservations it borders, however, the town struggles with poverty and the sometimes-tense relations between ethnic groups. Your group will shine the light of Christ in this community through home improvement projects and by serving the local children and elderly residents.

The town of Martin, South Dakota is the county seat of Bennett County. Bordered by the rugged Dakota Badlands to the north and the Sandhills of Nebraska to the south, Martin’s terrain is relatively flat. It is a wheat-growing and cattle-producing area with a population of about 1,500. The racial makeup of the city is primarily white (54 percent) and Native American (38 percent). While the Native Americans in Martin live off the reservation, they still retain important connections with the reservation community. The city’s position between two reservations has produced racial tensions between Martin residents and the Indian tribes, but the people of these communities are now making efforts to be more sensitive to one another. The area also is home to many low-income families. Nearly 30 percent of the population lives below the poverty line. You will be blessed as you work alongside the residents of this community to reach out to those most in need of your ministry.

About the Ministry
We focus on two primary areas of ministry: children and home improvement. Our work with children consists of a hands-on afternoon program led by your youth, known as Kids Club. Kids Club offers high-energy games, crafts, skits, songs and interactive lessons all designed to help kids learn about Jesus. Work projects include minor home repair and painting projects. Your group’s willingness to refresh a worn out exterior of a house with a new coat of paint brings real hope and an opportunity to share the love of Christ. Adult leaders will separate youth into ministry groups, and the youth in your group will be mixed with the youth from other groups for their week of service. Due to multiple church groups and varying needs of the community, we cannot confirm until all groups arrive on site exactly what service your youth will be involved with. We ask that you come to serve with a willing and flexible spirit.
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