Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Well we (John & I) were awoken from our sleep to a firework display at midnight.  At first I was just going to ignore it and sleep through but then decided that I should take pictures.  Didn't get the best shots but it was pretty to watch from the extra bedroom window.  It's amazing what a new year does for reflection.  2011 was alot of change -- packing up, moving, adjusting to a new culture (we are still adjusting) and getting ready to welcome a new addition to our family.  I wonder what 2012 will bring -- I know that a little girl will be coming but I have no idea what is in store for us!

Happy New Year's Eve

Happy New Year's Eve!  We spent a quiet night - watching tv, building a fort & play with toys!  We were so exciting....around 8:30 pm right before the kids went to bed we got to watch fireworks (or firepowers as Little N calls them) from our porch.  I think the whole family was all in bed before 9:30 pm!  (So much for ringing in the New Year)

Friday, December 30, 2011

VEF - Youth Group Christmas Party

We (the little boys & I) went to youth group today to watch the Youth Group Christmas Party.  It was lots of fun....they did -- play dough pictionary, they did a White Elephant Christmas Exchange (let me tell you there were some really funny gifts put in -- coal, soap that was made of breastmilk, a broken vacuum cleaner for the computer, etc.) and then they played the fork & knife game -- where you have a present and you can only open it with a fork and knife (but with the added difficulty of having to put on a hat, gloves, & a scarf).  It was lots of fun to watch.

Waiting for baby sister

The boys are waiting to meet their baby sister....her clothes and accessories are in their room and they were looking at the headbands and wanted to try them on to see how they worked.  We had fun and they were really giggly while they had them on because they knew that those headbands weren't theirs.  After they wore the headbands they told me that they hope that baby sister comes soon so that they can see her and make her wear the headbands. Both boys are anxious to see baby sister and hold her -- mostly because they have seen so many new babies around them and know that she is coming soon.  Plus once baby sister comes they know that grandma is coming.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Adventure today

Today the little boys and I went on an adventure.  We went to the courtyard and took out the trash, then we went looking for interesting things to see.  As we were walking to 7 eleven we saw 4 cats just hanging out on the heater or air conditioners.  The boys wanted a picture of the cat sleeping so that became part of our adventure.  Our next part of our adventure was going to 7 eleven to get yogurt drinks and then we walked to the park to run around and so that I could tired the boys out.  We had a good day and the boys enjoyed their adventure.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Baby Girl update

Went to the doctor tonight (regular appointment)....she is doing fine, I am doing fine.  I'm dilated and was told to walk, walk, walk to start the labor process. I am ready to meet this little one!  Found out more details about checking into the hospital and so forth today so I think I am prepared with all the paper work I need filled out, & everything I need to bring.  I was hoping that she would be born today and be able to share her Grandpa & Grandma Olson's anniversary but she decided she wanted her own day!  Hoping she comes soon!!

Trying to get all the last minute stuff done....making sure the blog is updated, house is clean, boys are taken care of & just the little things that crop up.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Glimpse into our World - Hospital Visits

The doctor visits are very different from the the doctor visit in the states.  In the states you get a time to go in to see the doctor and then go from there.  At my hospital you are given a number to see the doctor that you have to wait for that number to be called but you also have to have another number to check in and get your ultrasound. Here is the beginning procedures for when you go to the hospital for a regular check up (when you are pregnant).  This could change at different hospitals but this is what happens at my hospital & with my doctor.  I really like the repetition of it all because for the most part everything is in Chinese.

First you grab a number -- sometimes you can get in right away and sometimes you have a wait a long time.  Notice behind Little N and Little M -- they are 4 behind in signing in.
After that you go and pee on a stick...when your number is called to sign in you show the nurses.  I'm pretty sure that I have messed up on this and gotten some results that weren't correct because of how long I've waited for my number to be called or just not doing it correctly.
Then you weigh yourself and write down how much you weigh.  The first time you visit you weigh yourself and then you see how tall you are.
Then you take your blood pressure....usually I wait for this, because I'll have walked over from the apartment and I've found that my blood pressure is a little high because of the walk over, until my number is called so that it's close to normal as possible.
You sign in and you are given a sheet of paper that you bring over to the ultrasound room.  Then you wait for your number to be called.  They do an ultrasound at every single visit so I've seen this baby lots, haven't gotten good pictures of her but I've seen her.  They measure the head, stomach & leg to make sure the baby is growing properly.  They also tell you how many grams the baby is based on the ultrasound.  I haven't put much faith in the ultrasound size because it's so subjective. :-)

After my ultrasound I drop off my paper work to the doctor and wait for my number to be called.

The nurses call me in (by my Chinese name) and I see the doctor -- she tells me what's going on & then checks my legs and then I'm on my way.  Sometimes I have to go and get blood work drawn but this is a pretty standard pg doctor visit.

Settlers Night!

So our friends were able to have all their family travel over to celebrate Christmas and the baptism of the newest baby in the family.  Our friends' (two sisters who live over here with their spouses & kids) brother is a big Settler's fan so we decided to have the whole family over to play games, and have fun!  We had a blast -- even though I didn't win!
 Uncle and Nephew doing some nose bonding!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Visitors from Japan

John had a former student from Japan come and visit us.  It was their last leg of their journey traveling in Taiwan.  They were very sweet and we had fun walking around with them. Glad we could spend time with them.

Christmas Day

So this is the first year that we haven't spent it with family since we were in Japan, 9 years ago.   It felt a little strange but we got packages sent to us and we tried to talk to our families on Christmas.  We didn't feel like it was Christmas....maybe it was the lack of snow, the the traditions of where we spend Christmas with family but we are trying to figure out new traditions and incorporate old ones.  Before church we were allowed to open up our stockings, John asked if he could open his when he woke up, but the kids had picked out stocking stuffers' and I figured it would be better if they watched him open it.  After church we opened up Christmas presents from the Olson side and then from us after reading the Christmas story.  The kids had a blast....Little M wasn't exactly sure how to unwrap the presents in the beginning and actually played with the toys after he opened them until he realized that he had a lot of presents and then he started asking for more.  We videoed the opening of presents.  After presents we went over to friends to celebrate with them.  We had a blast, just a laid back time of spending time with friends with no pressure to entertain and feel like we had to do stuff.  We exchanged gifts with the kids and they had tons of fun playing with their stuff.  They also enjoyed wrestling and playing pig pen on John....pretty sure our friends kind of roll their eyes because John is usually really good and winding kids up and then not so good at settling them down.  Felt bad because Little M decided to play with some Lego's that were not his and might have destroyed a design or two....opps! We had a nice Christmas and we hope that you have a Merry Christmas!
Not sure what's up with Little M's face! 
Little M figuring out that he has lots of presents to open up! 
 Little N - MOM is Gordon's caboose!! I got Gordon's caboose!!
 More Geo Trax!
 Little M getting into trouble!! 
 Pigpen on John!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

VEF - Christmas Day

Merry Christmas.  We had a busy day at church this Sunday, we had the toddler Sunday School class sing a song, the children's Sunday School class sing a song and then a baptism.  It was pretty special -- my kids decided that they were not going to join their toddler class to sing the song but the other kids were so cute.  Merry Christmas, thankful that we could celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Christmas Eve Candle Light Service

We had our Christmas Eve Candle Light Service.  We listened and read some of the prophecies about the birth of Jesus and sang some Christmas Carols.  Then we lite the candles as we sang a couple songs.  This was the first year that Little N was able to hold onto his candle, he was so proud of himself.  Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Waiting around

Distracted the boys with John's camera while we were waiting for my regular dr appointment.

38 weeks

So we are in the homestretch waiting to meeting this little girl.  I think we have decided on a name however I'm still hoping and praying that I can get my way with the name -- we will see how things go.  Usually once I've had the baby I get my way on things, mostly because John is really nice to me.  We have non-officially made it past when Little M was born (I still think my due date is Jan. 1 but my doctor switched my due date to January 8).  Hoping that she doesn't come on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  I'd be okay with her coming anytime after Christmas.  Still hoping for a 2011 baby.

My mom is hoping that she doesn't come until January that way she can hold and cuddle the new baby -- however I am ready to meet this baby.  This week we have been doing the final stretch stuff.  We cleaned the apartment (which is really an every day thing because of how much dust sneaks through the windows and doors.), the weather is finally cold enough that I have switched over the boys summer clothes to winter stuff, John set up a toddler bed for Little M (which definitely made the boys room feel SO much bigger) and then set up the bed in the extra bedroom for when my mom comes. I made the meatballs that we will be having on Christmas Day, which I'm pretty excited about. I have packed the boys bag and my bag for the hospital.  Got most of the Christmas cards sent out today.

All I have to do is wrap Christmas presents, figure out what to give John for Christmas, find some stockings or ask my mom (or John's mom) to pick up 5 stockings once they go on clearance after Christmas.  Wait for Christmas Eve and make my rice pudding and then Christmas Day turn it into Rice Cream.  I think we are ready to meet baby sister.  I go to the doctor tomorrow so I'll see what she says. The good thing is that the last two visits the baby has been head down which is awesome because I can try for a VBAC again.  The last two visits she has told me to walk more (to get contractions going and so forth).  So we will see what she does after this visit.

I keep on forgetting to take pictures of the baby belly and that was on my goal was take one once a week or every two weeks (I failed miserably).  One of my belly picture ideas was putting all our hand prints on my belly and taking a picture.  Which I succeeded in doing.  Both boys loved putting their hand prints on my belly and I like how it turned out!  We are just waiting for baby sister to come and say hello.  Little M is very excited, he likes holding babies lately so I think he'll be excited to meet his little sister.  Little N is excited but I'm pretty sure he'll be happier once he can actually see and hold her.  To both boys the concept of the baby is very abstract.
Welcome to our blog! We try to keep this current for family and friends. We moved to Taiwan in February 2011 and are trying to keep in contact with loved ones through this blog. We love comments and will respond back if you have questions or comments!! Thanks for checking us out!!


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