Monday, August 31, 2009

Pregnacy Update!

We had our Dr visit on Monday. Found out that yes Caristy will be able to try and do a VBAC. Dr checked and told her that she could go anytime! However just with the concerns with doing a VBAC....the Dr wants Caristy to go into the hospital on Sept 9th (at night) and she will be induced the morning of the 10. The doctor was concerned about health problems for Caristy so she doesn't want her to go past her due date.....which was sad because I was really hoping that this baby could share the same birthday as my dad! Oh well!! :-) So this baby can be born any time (and I'm hoping that I'll go before I have to go in.....just feel a lot more miserable at the end of this pregnancy then when I was pregnant and at the end of the pregnancy with Little N!) So just pray for our family....pray that this baby would come sooner rather than later and that both Caristy and the baby would be healthy and everything will be fine!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Erickson Corn Feed

We got invited over to Jeff and Pam's for a yummy Corn Feed! (Basically lots of food and we had lots of corn on the cob!) The food was delicious, the company to visit with great and we had a great time! Little N loved eating the corn, the fruit, the bread and sloppy joes! :-)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy 30th Anniversary N & K!

We were invited to celebrate 30 years of marriage with a couple from our church. They are so funny!! They have 4 boy and a girl - they also have a grand daughter who's I think year older than Little N and then another grandbaby who's due the end of September. He was he was giving his THANK YOU speech he said......come to me if you haven't been married over 30 years and BOY do I have some advice.....then he said......I'll be coming to the people who have been married longer than 30 years to get some advice! They are just such a neat family. Little N enjoyed playing with their granddaughter and playing on their farm (ranch I guess). He also enjoyed looking at the airplane that one of the boys had flown over.....Little N kept on looking up in the sky and saying plane, plane! :-)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Movie Time!

Little N and John watched Cars (well we watch about 15 minutes of it and then we are done!) But Little N had to be JUST so on John with "his little pillow" (it's a small Christmas pillow)!! But it was so cute to watch the two boys snuggle like that!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cutting down a tree!! Attempt # 2

We got back from our doctor visit and after Little N woke up from his nap we decided to tackle the tree.....we got everything that we needed to handle the tree so John thought it might be fun to get the tree falling down. (It was supposed to fall towards me but for some reason decided that it would much rather fall towards the water!)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family Pictures

What do you get when you have a two year old, an uncooperative daddy and a mommy who's 37 weeks pregnant......why a family picture!! We got a couple of cute shots but lots of them were just throw aways! :-) Thanks so much Rachel for being willing to take the pictures. Also thanks to Reagan for being such a good photographer's assistant! :-) The first two were pretty good.....the last three ummm.....that would be most of the pictures!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cutting down a tree! Attempt # 1

After driving around and picking choke cherries, John decided that he wanted to at least try to cut some wood for the winter....we already had everything ready to go so we drove down to the spot. John started to cut the tree down when he realized that he really didn't want to cut down the tree with a dull chainsaw. So he cut some other wood (okay....correct turn is Split) and then we left. Little N was Very intrigued by what Daddy was doing! :-) Also LOVED "driving" the car!!!

37 weeks

So while John was picking berries. I took pictures of the love that bridge...just makes me happy!! I figured I have my tripod I'm gonna try to take some maternity shots of myself. The only difficult thing about the process was putting it on the tripod and on self timer. I got lots of blurry shots because the camera lots of times didn't have anything to attempt to focus on. (Little N wouldn't cooperate with me!) I also didn't like my arms because I'd run out from behind the camera and just have the chance to turn around and the camera would click! Little N thought it was SO much fun to watch and then follow mommy as she was trying to get her shots! :-) So here I am at 37 weeks! (Okay, okay.....36 weeks and 6 days) :-)

Little N's 2 year pics

All right here's my attempt of trying to get Little N's 2 year pictures done! (I really need to have John's help usually when I'm trying to take Little N's pictures!) They are okay but I think I'll try again! :-)

Bridges and Wind Mills!

We went back out to the railroad bridge....discovered that the bridge is SO much prettier when there are blue skies and just a small amount of clouds around. John decided that he was gonna pick some choke cherries and I was gonna attempt to get some maternity shots and Little N's 2 year old pictures! (More of those later!) After John was finished picking choke cherries (no idea how to spell it!) we went for a drive around and saw all the wind mills that have been put up since July. There were at least 36 up and functioning and there are still more going up. It's amazing how they change the landscape of a lot of the pictures that I've taken over the years. We are wondering if they will continue to go up towards Cooperstown or not!! We shall see!!

Mmmmm.....Pudding! :-)

Little N had his first taste of chocolate pudding! He really enjoyed it too!! Such a neat little eater....guess he knew that it was good stuff and none should get on his face! :-)

Thursday, August 20, 2009


My rose bush keeps on blooming and I had three roses on one was pretty....too bad my camera wouldn't focus on it! :-(

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Golfing with my OWN clubs!!

John wanted to go golfing today.....with us.....however Little N wasn't in the best of moods! He wanted his club and wanted to use only one club the entire time!! So frustrating! But John was nice and patient with him.....well for 4 holes (then we realized that it just wasn't worth the hassle of a Little N deprived of a nap!)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Little N and Us!

I forced John to take some pictures of Little N and I.....I loved the path to the bridge thought it was so pretty! Little N was holding my hand and walking with me so sweetly that I knew (even with it being a butt shot) that I'd want those shots!! I also loved and tried so hard to capture Little N running to his daddy. I got the smile but never could get both John and Little N! Can't wait to go back to that bridge and pretty!!

Such CRAZY Weather!

John found a cool bridge when he was jumping off Thompson Bridge. Well someone showed it to him. Well he thought it would be cool to show me. The day we went it was crazy weather! Rainy one second, cloudy another, then blue SKY!! I think my favorite pictures are when the sun was shining and we had blue sky!! While we were there we got to see two trains go over the bridge (which I was able to capture one during the blue sky time and the other when it was cloudy again) and then we were able to see a low flying plane (you'll see it in one of the pictures)....I think these are some of my favorite pictures! :-)

Mommy, MOMMY.....what's outside?

Little N woke up to a bunch of commotion outside our window. So of course he had to investigate. I think that he ate his breakfast and drank his milk while he watched the guys pour gravel down on the road outside our house. Then he got to see all sorts of different vehicles doing all sorts of stuff. Our neighbors were having trees being cut down....just outside our window so Little N was just enthralled!! I think he had an awesome morning!!
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