Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oscar Zero Site

Fun and sort of creepy fact.....did you know North Dakota used to have TONS of nuclear missles all over the place during the cold war?  Did you know that in the country side near Cooperstown there were quite a few of them?  Today we went to Oscar Zero which is sort like an old base where people who come and on top side they would guard the missile sites around the area.....and then down below there were two people who were basically in charge of launching the missiles if they were ever commanded to.  1 mile away from Cooperstown in the Oscar Zero site.....they closed it down in 1997 and saved everything from it and just kind of gave it to the historical committee it's very interesting to go to but VERY creepy to think about all the stress and the power that this building could have done!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Relay for Life

Our town had Relay for Life today.  It was a great of the teams asked John to go into the dunk tank....which was hilarious....Little N threw and tried to know his daddy in.  I threw and tried to get John in....I didn't succeed but tried my hardest! :-)  It was great!!  Little N got to get a tattoo, eat a snow cone and pretzels.  John and I stayed until the survivors made the first loop around and then we went home.  It was pretty emotional to watch because every survivor had a balloon and then they launched them into the air. It was pretty amazing!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ladies Brunch

We had a ladies brunch.  Our church usually tries to get together at least once during the summer....we go to one of the ladies "Mill" and have a wonderful time of visiting and eating.  Last year I had to miss out on the visit and this year I was VERY thankful that I didn't miss it! :-)  We had a of ladies that came and then a younger group of girls who also came.  It was a great time!  When I got back John and I took a bike ride.  I guess Little M was a little tired because when we got back from our ride he was fast asleep!

Monday, July 26, 2010

A fun journey trip

We took a fun little drive to Bismarck & beyond.  (Some of that trip might have been for my scavenger hunt items) but we had never been to the State Capitol building as a family. We drove and saw a fun little playground so we stopped and played on the toys....I hung from a monkey bars and realized that when you are a kid for some reason it just doesn't hurt as much! :-)  We then continued to drive down to Bismarck...saw the Capitol building....which is very unique and saw the museum.  Then we drove around a little bit.  After that we went to a neat (but actually kind of sad) cemetery.  Just outside of Bismarck about 20 minutes away there is this grave yard filled with wrought iron crosses.  What made them sadder was that about 1/2 of the grave markers were for kids 5 and younger.  It was kind of sad but SO beautiful!   When we got back from going to see the graves we stopped and visited friends of ours who had moved down there.  I miss them dearly and so it was nice to visit them.  As we were driving back home we heard all sorts of reports of bad weather....tornado warnings and thunderstorms.  As we turned onto 1 we hit probably the worst of the storm....there were times that we couldn't even see the road at all so we stop and slow down.  John had me video this after we had been through the worst.  It was crazy and I was thankful that we made it home safe and sound!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Zion After Church Summer Picnic

We had a summer quarterly business meeting and then afterwards we had a picnic....orignally it was supposed to be at the city park but it was otherwise occupied so we brought out tables and had our BYOM picnic in our backyard.  It was great....we had nice shade and a wonderful time visiting!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A fun day!!

It was a fun day on Saturday....first John made us smoothies and we tortured BOTH our boys with trying lemons!  Then we went to the pool where we had fun floating around in the big pools!! Little N also went down a water slide & started jumping off the edge of the water into Caristy's arms!!  It was a fun day!

Family Time

Little N loves his daddy!! If he could I think he would love to spend all day with his daddy.....he will soon get his wish for a week but that's later in August!! Little M wants to play so badly with everyone but just doesn't know how!! 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fun in Fargo

John had worked long and hard and so we decided to take a quick road trip down to visit, take pictures for my scavenger hunt and bonus....we got to play with some of our cousins! :-)  (I) was VERY helpful and wanted to do all she could do help me with my scavenger hunt.  After we had dinner and everyone left we went to the school playground and played.  I needed two adults on a teeter that was fun....I think even after the picture both John and Linda had fun playing.  Afterwards JB showed me these crazy things you sit on.....we have two is of Little N and one is the experience on the chair.....let me tell you it's intense so be warned!!!
Little N on the spinning chair
The view point from the spinning Chair.....BE might get sick!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Older Kid's Bible Campout

We tried something a little different this year.  We decided to split up ages for VBS.  Instead of having Preschool through 6th grade.  We are doing our VBS - first week in August for Preschool to 3 or 4th grade.  For two days John and Marybeth had 5th grade up to 9th grade over at Golden Lake for a time of games, fun, bible lessons. They had fun.....they had water balloon catch, waterballon volleyball, boat rides, swimming, sand castle contest, waterballoon fight, etc.  Then they went to bed in tents and had breakfast at the restaurant.  I think everyone had a good time and I think that this might be a change we will keep.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunset in the Midwest

We had visitors come on Saturday....Gary & his wife Debbie came to visit and talk with us.  Gary is the new regional pastor for the Western Region.  We got to chatting and then Debbie started asking some questions and all of a sudden she was shocked and startled to learn that my mom was my mom!  She went to bible school with her.  So that was kind of fun to hear! (P.S. - Mom....Debbie says HI!!) It was a great visit....we went for a drive around the country and got to see a BEAUTIFUL sunset peaking through the clouds.  We also had the privilege of being able to sit together as a family together at church for the first time since Little M was born.  Gary spoke at our church so it was nice to sit next to my John.  Thank you for the wonderful visit Gary and Debbie....we will be praying that the rest of your travels go well and without to many problems!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

We went to Golden Lake

We went to Golden Lake for the was great we got to go swimming in the lake, had dinner and ice cream.  It was so much fun and got to have lots of interesting things.  For example....Little M got to float in the water, Little N decided to have an accident in his swimsuit (not the number 2 thankfully) we also got to see a helicoptor just circle around the lake a bunch of times and we watched a sand city being built and destroyed with fireworks!
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