Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dawn's Baby Shower

This is baby season for a lot of our friends and us. Caristy knows at least 5 of her friends that either are pregnant or have had a baby this year and John knows at least 5 of his friends whose wives are pregnant or have had babies. It seems like the year of babies for a lot of our friends. Caristy extended her plane ticket so she could stay in CT to hang out with her family and also so that she could attend one of her friends baby shower. It was a great time and little L came along with his mommy.....Caristy's mom was having a great time, she was able to put him to sleep and just cuddle with him. I know that she can't wait to hold her own grandson in her arms and cuddle, play and put him to sleep. Here are some pictures from Dawn's shower and my favorite picture of my mom and little L.
Dawn & her babies
Holly, Dawn's Mom and Dawn
Michelle, Dawn and Vicky
Little L came along with his mommy.....Caristy's mom was having a great time, she was able to put him to sleep and just cuddle with him. I know that she can't wait to hold her own grandson in her arms and cuddle, play and put him to sleep. I hope that I can capture this shot again with my mom and my son.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dinner with the Dalene's

Every time we (John and I) are back in Connecticut, Mom likes to have at least one time where all the family gets together for a meal. Well, I (Caristy) was back so we decided that we would get all the siblings and mom and dad together for a meal. I only took one picture so I'm sorry that Lindsay's eyes are closed. We had a good time just talking and being with one another. Wished that John could have joined us too.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dinner at Terra Ristorante Italiano

I went to Terra Ristorante Italiano with Brita, Tante, Tante Barbara, Tante Gale and Mom. I wore my sister's shoes and almost fell two times. :-) The food was AMAZING!! I got to have salad, thick noodles with Tomato Sauce, and CREME BRULEE. The food was great and yummy! We had a good time talking and hanging out with each other.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Walk around Eastwood and seeing Old FRIENDS!

Caristy was asked to go for a walk with Josh and Julie. Along our walk we met up with my old little buddy Sarah. It was great seeing her and seeing how she has grown and changed. I can't believe that she is a teenager! WOW, how times fly by!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bridge to Terabithia

We went over to Josh's mom's house to watch the movie, Bridge to Terabithia. Both Julie and I remember reading and crying every time we did. So we both wanted to see if the movie would be the same. As Josh said this is the 4th time that he cried because of a movie. Both Josh and Ben told us that had they know it would have been so sad they wouldn't have seen it! :-)

Coldstone with Josh, Julie, Ben and Little L

Caristy was invited to have ice cream with Josh, Julie, Ben and Little L. Ben is enjoying being an Uncle. Basically Little L and Ben went to Coldstone for the ride. YUMMY!!

Dad and his toys!

Every Sunday dad is busy doing something around the house, farm or pond. Today he was playing and digging a ditch to put pipes in. :-) He's having fun!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Let's try to water ski at the pond.

Lindsay loves to water ski!! She tried to water ski at the pond. It was a difficult thing to do. :-( I don't think that she ever really had much success. I guess she needs to go to a lake with a boat and then she will do an amazing job at water skiing.

Craft Fair

When Caristy was growing up her mom used to take her to craft fairs all the time. Caristy has been missing and wanting to experience a New England craft show. Here are some pretty things that she found.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Hanging out with Josh and Julie!

Julie and I wanted to watch Bridge to Terabithia but it wasn't in the movie rental stores that they checked. So Josh, Julie and little L just came over to Caristy's parents to hang out and talk. Josh had fun entertaining little L and Bailey loved looking at him. We always have a great time together! :-)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Baby Shower in Hartland

Caristy was given a shower in her home town! She was blessed with lots of people coming to the shower and some great gifts to help her when the baby does come. Thank you for such a great time and for everything. It was such a blessing!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Photo Shoot by Alexi

My sister wanted to do a photo shoot with me! :-) Here are a couple of the shoots that my sister took of me!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

L doesn't like COLD water!

I invited Julie and L to go down to the pond and see how L would like the water (it was really warm out)!! We went around for a walk and then Julie took him out of the carrier and I put his toes in the water! HE DIDN'T LIKE IT AT ALL!! I tried again and Julie tried too but alas no such luck he didn't like the cold water! Here are some cute pictures from the pond!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Fire on the Poop DECK!

We were driving back from lunch and Jakob has just the best imgation ever! Brita and I were just talking and hanging out when all of a sudden Jakob says, "Fire on the poop deck!" We just busted out laughing because it was so random. (Mimi, was fast asleep!)

Bertucci's with Tante Gale

I was invited to go out for lunch with Tante Gale, Brita and Matt's kids. We went to Bertucci's and it was SO good!! I loved being able to hanging out and just talking with Tante Gale and Brita about everything and anything! Thanks for the great times!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mice and Ladies!!

The beach house was built out of old Barn pieces. It's absolutely the best place to be BUT mice tend to play and run around there....yuck!! Well my grandma was told that there was a hole where the mice were coming in above the fire place. So she grabbed a ladder and started to climb up to plug up the hole with tin foil. my mom climbs up and starts plugging up all the holes! So glad that I wasn't up there!! Here are some pictures!!

Cook out at the Pond for Father's Day

We invited all of Dad's sisters and Grandma to come down to the pond to celebrate Father's Day with us. Rich cooked hamburgers and chicken. It was a great time for a cook out. Not so great of a day for swimming in the pond.....too cloudy! (But the kids sure did enjoy swimming)
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