Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A trip down to Fargo

We needed to make a short trip down to Fargo this week! Nik has gotten in the stage of staying no whenever we say yes or Yes when we say no. At this point it's cute because he has a sing-songy voice and he's just repeating or contradicting what we say! But here are the pictures of us saying yes and no back and forth!! :-)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

First day playing outside!

We finally had a beautiful day where we could be outside and play. We've gone for walks before but we haven't been outside on the grass to play with balls and clean up sticks yet. :-) Little N had a blast running around playing with his ball and just being outside. At the end of our play time John showed Little N how to whistle using a piece of grass.....it was cute watching Little N try to copy John.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Baby O's Pictures

With this pregnancy we have been fortunate to have two u/s (the first one was in March but it was just a quick peek.....I think because all the appointments for the day were being cancelled so the doctor had time....it was surprsing for us!!) Pictures from this pregnancy are alot clearer and nicer than when we went in to see Little N. Here are pictures of Little N for comparision sake.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's a Baby! :-)

We got to see and know what we are having....but for the people who don't like knowing and like to wait until the baby comes out don't go to the comments area....but for those who are dying of curiousity like we were.....come and check the comment area......there you will find out if we are having a pink or blue baby!!!

Everything looks good....I just have to scan the ultrasound pics and then I'll have those pictures up for you all to see! :-)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Being Artistic

Part of Little N's Easter basket were two suncatchers, with paint and a paintbrush! Caristy was feeling brave at the moment and decided to see how Little N would do if he had a paint brush and paint. He actually did really well and pretty much kept it on the suncatchers and his hands. The only time he would paint else where was when he was crying because I was trying to show him how to do something....then he'd close his eyes and wail!! Pretty nice painting job for a 20 month old! HUH?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A birthday party for the birthday girl

Today we went over to a friends house to celebrate's A's birthday! She's become a great friend and we can laugh and talk about things that you might not necessarily expect!! (Which is such a wonderful thing!) Well her birthday isn't until Wednesday but we had yummy cake and ice cream to celebrate with her! Little N enjoyed being a super hero....well for a little bit and then daddy showed him that it was possible to put the clothes pins on his ears....he figured out how to put it on his finger and decided that it was way to painful!! OUCH!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Driving around the Country

Normally this bridge is where John and many kids have jumped off the bridge! Normally it's a little further to jump than what it is now! Pretty amazing! You should be VERY thankful that I have spared you from a really nasty picture! (A dead deer)

Hanging with Dad

Little N got to go downstairs to play with Daddy...while Daddy worked on his office! :-) Little N found a bounce ball in Daddy's office and decided it was his....wasn't to happy when Daddy took it away from him!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Drive in the Country

The Sheyenne River is still really high! It's amazing to see some of the areas down in the country where normally it's fields were flooded with water! Thankfully the water is receeding but just very slowly!! :-)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yummy, Milkshakes!

We had some friends over for dinner. Had delicious ribs, asparagus, baked potato, and uncooked carrots. The food was AWESOME!! For dessert Caristy made milkshakes: ice cream, yogurt, frozen raspberries, and strawberries. It was the perfect thing to have after such a delicious meal! What was so hilarious was that Little N was just loving his milkshake; yes, I shouldn't be surprised but I was. Enjoy the pictures of Little N's milkshake heaven!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mommy, did it all by herself!

For Christmas Little N got a wagon so that he could sit in and we could take him places in town. Well it hasn't been warm enough to get it out of the box until today! John had to go to golf practice (he's the boys coach) so I asked him to grab the box before he left. Then while Little N was napping I got to work assembling it. Everything was SUPER easy until (there's always an until isn't there) I had to put the handle on....which was a pain in the neck. I was almost gonna call someone to see if they could help me (but I couldn't find my cell phone....I was sure I had left it in the car so I had no way to get help either) when I got it! Little N by that point was awake and wanted to see what all the banging and so forth was all about.

He was SO excited when he saw his new wagon. Of course that same day we had to use it and go for a walk. So we walked to the Pizza Ranch because they had a fund raiser night, which 25 % of the profits made that night will be given to us to help in raising money for our mission trip this summer. We also had a bake sale (almost everything sold there too.....we had a loaf of banana bread, white bread and 2 jars of jam left when the bake sale was done!)

Little N was SO excited to get to ride in the wagon...he wanted his sun glasses and his jacket so that he could be just like mommy and daddy. (John was a little jealous because he had to drive to the Pizza Ranch and we got to walk!!) Now everyday as long as it's warm enough I think we will try to take a walk with Little N's Wagon! Thanks Tante Linda, Tante Lorrie, Matt and Jessie we love our wagon!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Little N's Easter Basket

Last year I found an Easter Basket full of fun activities that would be perfect for Little N. So I got it and was finally able to give it to Little N! He really enjoyed his Easter Basket because he drags it all over the place. John is about ready to throw it away! (This year sadly I was not able to find any Easter Baskets....so who know's what I'll do for next year!)

Easter Dinner

I think for the first time ever in our married life we stayed home. We were invited to join many people's houses for Easter dinner and so we choice the ones that asked first. We were very blessed and it was a VERY relaxing way to spend Easter. We are so blessed to have a nice congregation. Little N had fun playing with Brenda!
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