Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fun Fargo trip!!

I had to make a LITTLE trip to Fargo.  I took the little boys with me Sunday night and drove to John's parents house.  They told me to leave the kids....while I ran some errands....looking for shoes!  So I took them at their word!  I quick ran to Target to get food for Little M.  Then went in search for the pair of shoes that I want!  I know what I want and what size I need.....BUT it's like the shoes don't want me.....so alas I came back to John's parents with stuff for the boys but NO shoes! :-(  Today I had to go to the dentist.....I had two teeth in my mouth (of course it was my mouth....duh) that had cavities.  Now I have been blessed with having to go to the dentist many times in my life.  I think this is one of the first times that I went home from the dentist with not a pain in my mouth (okay.....I had a little pain but nothing that I needed to take advil for) It was wonderful.  After the dentist I went to get my drivers license renewed.....YES I know.....I should have done that before going to the dentist but life got in the way and it just didn't work.  Got that done.....picture turned out okay....signature....NOT so much! :-)  Then went back to John's parents....got the boys....packed up the car and went to Moe's!  Picked up lunch and then got to meet up with Robin....we had a picnic lunch together at the park!  Little N saw the park and just stared.....had no idea what to do first!  So we ran around real quick.....then we went down the slide, then played on the swings.  While we were at the park I got to talk to Robin about life.....more specifically her wedding!  It was so much fun! Thanks for the fun day!  After the park we went to the flower shop and got tomato plants, and seeds.  Then we got grocceries and proceeded to have melt downs in the grocery store....SO not fun! Drove home and watched Little N fall alseep with a piece of bread in his mouth....NO idea how he did it but he did! Took a picture of it (from the drivers seat but at a stop sign!!)  It was a fun day!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Life with two little boys!

Little N loves his little brother!  I mean LOVES!!!  He puts a blanket over Little M (thinking that he's cold), he lays with him, gives him kisses!!  He also YELLS at Little M - saying -- STOP IT M ---STOP crying!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Little M's two teeth!

This week Little M had a big thing happen to him!  Little M got two teeth.....one on Wednesday and then another one popped out on Thursday!  Cute little teeth (that hurt like the dickens when biting down!!!) Guess you can't see them in this picture but they are coming through!!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Today we made the decision to start our garden.  John tried a new trick this year of putting the veggies in rows.  Little N enjoyed helping his daddy plant peas and green beans!

Fun day!!

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day!!!  Caristy had to work.....just a half day (as a gym teacher again)......but got to enjoy the outdoors as she worked.....which sadly caused her to get a sunburn (because she forgot to put on sunscreen - sporting a pretty nice farmers tan right now!) After school we made our first trip to the park with the boys (of the season).....Little N was a little nervous about going down the slide but loved the digger, horses & swings!  When we got back home we enjoyed the sun some more and played outside......Little N's little head started to look red so I FORCED him to wear his cute hat that I got him.....he wasn't much of a fan so when he went inside with John he came back with something else....we just had to laugh!!  Little M cuddled with me on the hammock and just took a sweet little nap! What a wonderful day!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First Family Golf Trip!!

It's our first group visit to the golf course.  :-)  Little M enjoyed watching the golf and then Little N enjoyed playing golf. :-)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun Outside!!

Little N & M enjoyed being outside today.  We played with bubbles and rode bikes.  We also had our first fire.....how fun!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Well we went to four basketball games today.  CRAZY but oh so much fun!  Little N enjoyed watching the basketball games and trying to shoot hoops!

Friday, April 16, 2010

HIT weekend!

Well it was a busy week for our family and on top of it a busy weekend!  Caristy worked as a substitute GYM teacher today! :-)  So much fun.....during one of my breaks I saw a kettle bell......WARNING......painful if you just start using it and swinging it.  (NO idea how the biggest loser contestants are able to work out as much as they are able to because tonight I WAS sore after swinging a 7 pound kettle bell for 20 times!!!) Thankfully I still have my voice at the end of the day (was a little nervous because......of trying to get everyone's attention when we were outside, cheering kids on, and just talking probably more than I'm used to!)  After school we took a bunch of people in the car with us......to go to HIT (Hillcrest Invitational Tournament) we had SO much fun watch the games.  Litte N was in heaven watching the game and just was jabbering a mile a minute.  He also was VERY excited to play at Uncle Matt & Tante Judy's house......he found all the toys and also found a football......which he proceded to throw at Tante Judy many times!  Little M was happy to be in ANY one's arms but if he saw me and I was able to hold him.....then he was happiest.  Cooperstown had two teams......an "older team" - sophomores up to seniors in high school and a "younger team" - 7th grade on up.  It was slightly funny......a couple of the kids on the younger team came up to me before school to tell me that they weren't gonna be in gym class......I looked at them and said, oh......then they looked at me and said....yeah it's for your church basketball tournament (both teams were able to take 4 kids that weren't associated with hillcrest or the LB to play on our teams) just thought that was funny. Here are a couple of pictures from the one game we made it to on Friday. 


So this week has been a busy week for us!  Caristy has had the opportunity to sub....well this week she worked basically EVERY day......which made for a chaotic week!  But we've had fun! :-)  Little N loves to take our noses.....he even takes Little M!!  I love this picture but it wasn't good in color.....so popped it into B & W with some sepia.....love it!  SO cute!!!  Off to bed need to work tomorrow......as the GYM teacher!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring is HERE!!!

We had a guy come and offer to roto-till our garden!  SO exciting for our family!  1. Our little boys LOVE to see machinery! 2. It was done in 10 minutes as opposed to the hours it would have taken John to do it by hand! 3. It means that spring is here and we can start thinking of what we are gonna plant in our garden! :-)  WOO HOO!!!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Driving in the Car

We drove back from Dickinson and my boys were looking adorable......so of course I took pictures!!
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