Sunday, March 13, 2011

We found a nice grassy park area!

We have a park right outside our apartment (actually 2) one is sort of babyish & is kind of broken and the other one is a little bit to big for our kids to play on yet.  They still play on it but usually they need help getting onto or they get stuck on part of it.  If we walk 2 blocks from us there is a HUGE area where there is grass and then three sets of playground equipment that the boys can play on.  Also we don't have to worry as much about them running off onto the side street & being hit. (Still we have to watch them because we have streets on both sides of the park but it's bigger playground and the kids can freely play on it without to much help.  We bought balls at the 10 NT (the equivalent to our dollar store) shop and they were so excited to play with their watermelon balls with daddy.  So we played with the balls and then played on "their" playground while we waited for some friends to join us for dinner.  Our friends finally came and we walked back to our apartment and made nachos.  Do you know how hard it is to defrost and cook meat without a microwave.  (The apartment didn't come with a takes a lot to get used  not having the convenience of a microwave but we will be buying one.  I never realized how much I used my microwave for EVERYTHING until I didn't have one!!  I use it to reheat food, for defrosting, for cooking, for melting, basically everything!! Anyways sorry for going about the microwave!)   The taco meat was cooked and absolutely fantastic (even without a microwave) and we had a great time visiting and getting to know our new friends.  Learned a little about them & I'm excited to get to know them a lot more!  They brought some desserts.....some absolutely delicious and others not so much!  But they got them at the bakery and just sort of grabbed for a wonderful experiment.  Sort of like Russian never know what you will get.  We had some delicious egg custard cookies, some delicious coconut cake, some mochi - ummm.....I'll explain with picture in another post!  But all in all most of the desserts were good minus the bean paste treat that no one really wanted to eat. 
See the fruit stand behind John, we live about two blocks up from here.
This is the first playground, there is one behind it and then another one behind the trees.  I like these ones!!  Lots of space to play and run around!

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