Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Stroll

We went on a long walk today....seems to be the trend as of late for Mondays.  Going exploring while walking has been interesting.  Today we decided to take the short cut to 18 peak mountain and walk around (because we couldn't do it near long enough when we went on Sunday) and also we wanted to have a picnic.  I have to get used to us being different and unique over in Taiwan.  Everywhere we went people would stop us and just remark (in Chinese of course) how cute our children are and wanted to know their ages and then on occasion if they could take our picture.  Of course there were other people who took pictures of us like we were an attraction at a zoo.  (Note to self....always make sure to check to make sure you don't have crumbs on you from eating your food or from holding the wanna look good in those pictures).  Of course we had one lady who stopped John and was talking to him in Chinese (which of course being here almost a month we are fluent in (insert sarcasm here) asking about the kids and him.  Thankfully hand gestures seem to be a universal language. She wanted a picture of our family (reminds me that I need to get a family picture done!! of these days) and she wanted me to take a picture of her with my family (I don't know why but she did) but she made the mistake of picking up the wrong kid (Little N) who fell to pieces (in tears throwing a tempertantrum because some random stranger picked him up for a picture)  Sigh.....of course she felt awful about it and thankfully we were able to calm him down enough to get a good picture for her camera.  After that we decided we needed to go back in order to get Little N & M's bikes.  They have been BEGGING us for a bike to ride (ever since we were at Andy & Kris' the first week we arrived) so we had waited to see if anyone had a bike we could borrow and no one did so we found a bike shop the first long walk we went on so we attempted to get back to that bike shop.  Thankfully it's right across the street from TGI Fridays (a easy landmark to remember) so we just asked a guy on the street once we were on the road which way was it to Fridays.  Walked to our toy store....when I say our it usually means the place were we inevitable will buy more stuff because we liked the store (friendly helpful staff, good stuff & willing to work with us - non-mandarin speakers).  We found Little N's bike (which was a green tricycle which we will be able to take off the little wheels and he can use it as a two wheel bike later on) and then Little M's bike which is definitely a tricycle with two wheels in back and a wheel in front.  Both of them were SO excited about it.  I had to get a present for someone and as we were checking out the lady felt bad because I only got one set of bubbles (present) so she gave me another set of bubbles so each kid could have their own and then she gave them two really cheap cars (Little N broke his after a week) but it's the thought that counts and it kept them occupied as we walked back EXHAUSTED....we had to stop at the grocery store so while John dropped off the bikes we (the little boys & I) went to the park near our grocery store and played while we waited.....they loved playing with their cars and at the park!  I am SO thankful for our double stroller but man after awhile that thing is a work out!  We were out for over 3 hours today and I was so thankful to rest my legs and just relax.  It was a fun BUT tiring day!  I'll do it again (probably even for longer)......have you guys had an fun adventures lately?
 18 Peak don't really see this much green around you so I was so happen to be walking around so much beautiful nature.  As you can see the city pretty much surrounds this nice walking area.
 Little N saying hi to the lizard that he saw on the walking path.  Both the boys were intrigued by the lizard and thankfully stayed far enough away that I was okay about them looking at it! 
 Little N walking up all these stairs so we could look at the plum blossom area.
 A lonely flower hanging from a spiderweb.....I was playing with my macro lens a bunch with the flowers!
 My sweet boys!!  I love them!!

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  1. Thanks, Caristy, for the post, pics, etc. I love looking at them....miss you guys soooo much! Linda, Mom, Grandma O.


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