Monday, March 14, 2011

Going for a walk!

We decided today was the perfect day to get completely lost and explore our city. We started by our house and went towards downtown. (Didn't get pictures of downtown.....just the areas that were a little bit quieter)  We know where we went on a map but it was a long walk!  We started at 12 pm and got home around 4 pm.  It was a pretty successful day we went for a walk and got to see some of downtown and the shops down there (also found the movie theatre)!  It was a successful day for the boys because they found a couple new playgrounds to play on! On our way back home we found a quieter area to walk home and found some rice fields and just some nice scenic places that I'll be interested in going back to take more pictures of.  The last picture with the cross I believe is the Chinese Seminary.
A guy collecting the garbage on a motorcycle

Pretty sure someone lives here but there are plants growing on the roof!

Open to the street clothing store (they have a metal door that comes down when they are closed)

 Rice Field

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