Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fruit - Custard Apple

Since being in Taiwan we have seen alot of different things.  We've only been here for a week and 1/2 and I'm sure we will see more interesting things also.  We were given some fruit from one of the pastors at Victory.  Some of it was mango and the other just looked really strange and not to appetizing.  It was called Buddha's head or custard apple...I was a little nervous to try it but John cut it up and we have some to the kids (they are our guinea pigs....if they will eat then I'm more willing to try it. Eventually this will not work for me but for now it does!) After both kids gobbled up a whole thing of fruit, John tried it.  After John tried it and told me it was good I was willing to try it.  The custard apple is really sweet.  Sweeter than sugar.  You can't eat the seeds which are hard and black but it's really good.  Little N looked at me the other day and said that we needed to have some more Buddha's head.  So I guess they like it!!


  1. That looks so cool and sounds good too!

  2. It is pretty good....just sometimes gets too sweet!

  3. I tried it long before I gave it to the kids.

  4. Okay....I'm the nonadventurous one I guess!! Still I let them try it before I did!! :-) (Freely admitting I'm a wimp and a scaried cat!)

  5. i've never seen (or heard of) that fruit before.. it's so funny looking haha.. i'd eat it!


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