Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An apartment in our complex

We live in an apartment and our apartment is part of a complex which shares a gated courtyard.  I think we will spend a lot of time in there because it's gated really no cars or scooters are allowed in there so we can just let our kids run free.  Today we met one of our neighbors (from another apartment) and we played games with her kids (lots of hand gestures & broken English along with very very very very poor Mandarin for communication) it was interesting how much time she put into trying to get to know us.  For putting up with us we gave her a magnet that we had made which she was sort of reluctant to take (didn't want to feel like she owed us something). But that day I looked up and saw the moon and decided to try a take a picture of it.  The apartment building is very similar to what we live in......looks the same on the outside so just to give family a little idea!!

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