Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Traditional Market

Today we got our pictures done for our Alien Registrations Card (ARC) and it was kind of funny because it was very particular...no smiles, hair had to be back behind the ears, shoulders perfect, etc.  So we took the pictures (I was first) then we had Little M take his picture.....the lady got sort of frustrated with him because he looked at the camera and gave her a big gummy smile!  (Adorable but totally not what she wanted) Finally got a semi closed mouth shot.  Then it was Little N's turn.....he had a hard time not smiling either....I guess I have trained my children well!!  After the pictures we went for a walk around town.  We stopped at the local traditional market which is right by our house & looked around.  I'll have to go back in there another time just to take pictures because it's such an interesting area.  But it's basically an open area market, they sell fruits, vegatables and freshly butchered items.  There was a couple of vendors that spoke English and kept thinking that Little M & Little N were twins.  (They were sitting in the double stroller so I think that's why they asked!)

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