Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

We aren't Irish but it's always fun to be creative with kids.  Since Little N was little (when he could start eating food) on Saint Patrick's Day the craziest things would happen!  His milk would turn green, his food would turn green and we would always wonder what happened.  Today Mommy didn't have green food coloring at their house.  Thankfully she went shopping at a bakery supply store and was able to get some food coloring and shortening (they don't have shortening in the stores here in have to get it at a Bakery Supply Store).  Because yesterday we got a Magic Bullet.....I also cooked some carrots and then ground them up to put them in buns which took longer than expected so we ate green colored pancakes (with the rest of the purreed carrots).  The kids loved the green meal & I loved the fact that they ate basically 3 huge pancakes together! Happy Saint Patrick's Day!  I hope you have a fun day!!


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