Sunday, March 27, 2011

A very, very busy day!!

We had a very busy day....I loved every minute of it BUT I'm not sure I could throw so much into a day and not have a break.  We started the day with going to church.  We had to walk to church in the rain so I was trying to avoid getting wet along with bring everything that I needed for the day (I didn't know if we could go back home or not) on my back, along with wheeling the kids in the rain and trying to be quick about it all while GOING UP HILL (see milking it for all it's worth) and by the time I got to church I was tired.  Walked carefully down the stairs (afraid of falling which I had already done once) got down the stairs and John scared the crap out of me (figuratively) trying to scare Little N.  Had church....lots of good praise songs and John had a good message.  Talked with people (which is terrifying to me....not good at going out and talking to be people....better when people come to me to chat but I want to get to know everyone so I'm putting myself out there!) and then took the little boys with me to the adult Sunday was raining so the room I was planning on having them be in was a little wet so I had to have them at the table with us.  They were a little disruptive but not horrible!  Got done with church and went to the 10 NT shop (similar to the dollar store) and got an umbrella (or two) and then quick ran into the bakery to get lunch (don't ask what I had for lunch....slightly ashamed).....ran home with the kids and when we got to our apartment we couldn't get into the front door....which frazzled us.  I mean we have a little button that we have to use....used it and the door wouldn't nervous and scared like how are we going to get back into our house. Thankfully we got into our house and quick ate our food and then got picked up to go to a birthday party.  So thankful for wonderful people who are able to pick us up and take us places.  We went to the birthday party where there was lots of fun chatting, visiting and playing.  We had delicious cake and the boys were VERY upset when it was time to leave.  We broke up the party and basically caused EVERYONE to leave.(Probably not but it sure felt like it)  We had to leave so we could get back to church because we planned a family potluck/game night.  We weren't sure how many people were going to come....especially with the rain.  But thankfully we had like 30 people there.  A nice mixture we played games (getting to know you game, fruit basket upset & the who am I)  The who am I game was different bible characters.  I think I had a hard person -- Jeremiah!!  My questions were Am I a boy? yes! Am I in the Old Testament? yes! The person who was talking with me gave me the hint of being a J I guess Joshua, Jonah and then I completely forgot who else started with J!! I asked if I was a book of the bible? yes! Can you guess who I was?  Finally got it (check in the comments if you really want to know)! After the games we ate our food and then visited.  The younger kids and young adults quick ate and then played Wii, musical instruments or just played in the nursery while the adults chatted (segregated a men's table and a woman's table -- not planned just happened) just getting to know more about each other.  We had a great time.....soon it was time to clean up and go home.  I was SO thankful that we could get a ride back home and not have to worry about walking home in the rain.  It had been a long day with no naps and we all were exhausted!  But it was a good day!!  Love spending time with people and so thankful for the people we got to visit with!
 Fruit basket upset.....let's just say Little N got up and ran even when his fruit wasn't called! :-)

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