Saturday, March 19, 2011

A girls trip to Ikea

So I was blessed this Saturday to take off.....leave the little boys with John and just go to Taipei (more specifically IKEA) for a girls day and just to check out prices and find out about buying some stuff for our place here.  I started off the day on not the best note......over sleeping when people are to pick you up at a certain time is not the best way to handle things.   (Everyone slept in until past 8 am -- a first since we flew over here) Thankfully I got ready and was downstairs before the person picking me up came.  Drove up to Taipei in drizzle (we had talked about taking a train up -- so thankful we decided not to) and made it in around 45 minutes.  Walked around trying to figure out what we wanted and what we liked (I was on a mission....looking at chairs, table, organizers, a couch -- writing stuff I liked and then taking pictures so I could show John later on) then before we went into the section where we could buy stuff we sat down and ate.  It was wonderful to sit down and not have to worry about my kids and just having a conversation that didn't deal with poop, or children (if we didn't want to).  Mostly we talked about history, Christianity and education.  (The other three ladies are teachers in one way or another -- English, History, English as a foreign language/homeschooling mama) Then we got down to the business of shopping & chatting!  So wonderful to shop and talk!  We had a blast and I am so blessed to have spent time getting to know these ladies!!  Thank you!!

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