Saturday, March 26, 2011

Little M & N's new bikes

We got them their bikes on Monday they hadn't been able to use them because it had been so chilly and rainy outside everyday since we got them.  We decided today that we would just let them go out and ride them.  So they excitedly got their shoes on and grabbed their bikes and took them down the elevator.  Then rode the bikes to the courtyard.  Where we met up with the sweet lady and her kids that we talked to one of the first times we went to the courtyard. She was excited to see us and at the time only saw Little M so asked about where Little N was. He had been coming around the corner from taking out the trash with John so I pointed to where he was and she was just happy.  She got to introduce her husband to us and they left to go on a walk.  Her daughter is right around the same age as Little M so they were a little smitten with each other!  I guess it was a good time to go down to the courtyard.  I was happy that she wanted to talk with us and was excited to see us! Also here are what the boys bikes look like!!  REALLY wish that Little N's bike had a handle on it but I'm hoping he will get the hang of it sooner than later and we won't have to help him at all!

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  1. Little N, I love your bike and its green color...did you pick out the color? Little M the blue trike looks like you will have so much fun!....Grandma O.


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