Sunday, March 6, 2011

John's first Sunday & Installation Sunday

It was so strange walking to church this Sunday.  For the past four years I was used to just popping over to church from across my backyard.  Now it take a little bit more planning.  I can still (and will) walk to church but you have to go out of the apartment, down the elevator, down the sidewalk to the street (which is a slightly busy street) and the sidewalks around that area aren't that big so I have to use the street because of the stroller.  It takes ten minutes but it's all uphill! Woo hoo I finally have an uphill story that I can exaggerate to death! 
Church was different.  We had a praise band and then John spoke! John spoke about being the wrong tool for the job.  We were actually feeling that this message definitely spoke to us because we moved here we don't know Chinese, we were comfortable at our previous church and we are totally out of our element because we don't know how we are gonna be used here.
You have to set up the room for church (assembling chairs) and then this Sunday went a little long because we had church, then installation & then communion.  We have to get out pretty quickly because another service meets after ours is over.  We had probably 80 people at the service.  Lots of people greeted us and it was slightly overwhelming because I know that I won't be able to remember everyone's name & I feel kind of bad about that. I'll figure it out but I just feel bad. 
John got installed as the Pastor of Victory English Fellowship by Dr. Ethan Christopherson.  That was a great way to start our ministry because John & and then our family got prayed over as we begin this new (to us) ministry.  Would you also pray for us that we would understand our role and that we would be able to learn the language and start to make friends here.  We appreciate the prayer support that we receive from around the world!  Thank you!!

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