Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Sunday Stroll

It was a good day.  John was able to sit with us during church...we had a special guest speaker (someone who was preaching at the Chinese Lutheran Seminary for a month)!  Then we (the little boys & I) attended Sunday school.  After Sunday school we went to lunch with a bunch of people.  It was a buffet style lunch and we could decide what we wanted to eat it was a great meal because we could pick and chose what we wanted to get (so John could pick all the meat he wanted and I could pick all the veggies and meat that I wanted!).  After our meal we left took a quick nap and then decided to go hiking up Eighteen peak Mountain.  We got directions from people from church which was a 45 minute walk which didn't leave much time for us to walk around the hiking area.  Plus lots of people are walking around the area on the weekend.  We couldn't stay long because it was getting dark and John wanted to try a different way back home and wanted to walk in the light.  Thankfully the way we walked home was only a 15 minute quick & convenient! (This is the way we will be taking from now on!!)  18 peak mountain is not really a mountain it's more of a hill.  It's not really mountain climbing because there are paved paths to walk on.  So it's a nice walking area that has plenty of nature (which we really don't see where we live).


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