Saturday, March 5, 2011

A meal out!

We were invited out to eat with the other pastors & elders from Victory.  Here in Hsinchu there seems to be a lot of English and people who are able to communicate in English which has been a pleasant surprise.  The restaurant that we went to, they were able to get us a menu that had the Chinese characters and also a brief description of the food in English.  I decided to go safe and get a salad, vegetarian soup, noodles, cooked vegetables, a mango mousse type dessert and a sweeten milk tea with tapioca beads in it.  I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious my whole meal was.  Little N & Little M split noodle meal together -- Little N gobbled it up and I think Little M would have eaten it if I had been able to cut it up into bite size pieces.
Vegetarian Soup
Noodles with mystery meat sauce, broccoli, mushrooms & seaweed
Cooked Vegetables
Mango Mousse -- Alas I got only one bite of this as Little N & M gobbled it up!
Bubble Tea -- Milk, Tea sweetened & tapioca pearls
Little N wasn't much of a fan of this tea however both Little M and I LOVED this tea.  So good!!
Little M getting frustrated that the noodles were sticking on him!


  1. I just love Mickah's face in that last picture! He does not look pleased with those noodles. And I just have to say, Bubble Tea is practically my favorite tea...the pearls just make me happy=)) Miss you guys!!

  2. Thanks for the pics and updates...I check it every day!....Mom and Grandma

  3. Audra - yes he was very annoyed with the noodles! I love bubble delicious!!

    Mom/grandma - no problem!! We should be kept updated now!

  4. oh my gosh.. the food looks so amazing.. enjoy it :D


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