Friday, March 11, 2011

A walk & dinner out!

We took a walk today.  We wanted to go to the traditional market but it had closed for the day so we kept walking and found the perfect kid park for the boys to play on.  It wasn't as scary and crowded as the park right near our house.  After playing for a little bit we took the kids to McDonald....let me tell you the McDonald we went to was super duper fancy!  Didn't take pictures of it but trust me it's fancy!!  The kids got a hamburger and then chicken nuggets.  We upstairs and discovered a small area that the kids could play in that was musical.  We put Little M in a high chair (wiping EVERYTHING down with disinfect wipes) and then placed fries and chicken nuggets on the tray.  A worker saw that and was slightly grossed out so he gave us new chicken nuggets & fries along with a tray that Little M could eat off.  (VERY NICE!!)  Then after they ate we walked to where the church is located and browsed a little bit.  Right where the church is there are a lot of shops (food, tea, etc).  We stopped at the 10 NT store (which doesn't sell everything for 10 NT -- the equivalent to the dollar store) and found some balls for the boys.  Then we decided to be a little bit adventurous.  I wanted to get dumplings (but veggie ones) and I'm not very adventurous with my food.....I basically willing to eat fruits and veggies but meats kind of get to me.  I don't like rubbery or chewy foods (it gets to me) so I'm a little tentative to try eating things.  We saw all these shops and John said if I found something I wanted to just stop.  Didn't find anything but we stopped where John had eaten for lunch to have some more dumplings.  It was so delicious and so yummy.  Here is what we shared for dinner tonight.  John had pork dumplings & I had leek dumplings! It was good and bonus there was english underneath some of the chinese in the restaurant we picked out!

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  1. Yum those look good :) Love all the updates, keep them coming. I am just waking up to the news, wow! Hoping you guys are ok, seriously praying.-Robin


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