Saturday, March 12, 2011

Going on a walk

Everyone has opinions about grocery stores.  In the states it can be going to Sunmart, Hornbachers or Cashwise (Fargo) or Big Y, Stop & Shope or Geisslers (East Hartland).  Here the grocery stores are a little bit different because they are kind of like a Super Target or Super Walmart.  They have the groccery store end of it but then they also have the electronics section, book section & just a variety of other things we wouldn't find in our grocery store.  We had been to Amart a bunch it's two floors and just a little bit disorienting and confusing.  People had been talking about how RT mart is just so much nicer.  So we decided to find RT mart today.  We walked and end up finding where the railroad is which was handy to know.  Then we found RT mart.  It's not a bad store.....I think we found our grocery store.....mostly because of how it's laid out and such.  It's just alot easier.....however we still couldn't find where the shortening is there.....too bad because John promised me he would make me some cookies if I could find the shortening!!  He didn't because I couldn't find it! :-(
As we were walking to RT mart we found a temple and this is possibly an entrance!

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