Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday -- It's the little things

This week has been an exciting week!  We have got our cell phones (nice new smart phones which I am slowly getting used to) on Tuesday!  Woo hoo!!  Then we were able to borrow a gas dryer from one of our friends all we had to do was get the gas hooked up so we could use it!  So we had a guy come the week before to check out the situation and then THANKFULLY our friend knows mandarin and was able to get the details of what we wanted done and then the price amount for us....kind of as our go between.  Got it worked out that they were gonnna come today to get everything ready!  Got here and they looked stuff over and realized that the it was gonna cost double the quoted price which was a little shocking to us.  Our friend negotiated and talked to it out and we ended up paying a couple 100 NT more than we originally gonna spend but it was well worth it!  I now have a dryer that I can use to fluff my clothes and make sure that clothes are actually dry! It's just the small things in life that you never realized made you happy until you were without them and when you are able to get it back makes you happy!!  What are some of the things that you love which you would have a hard time living without?  For me it's a cell phone....walking around the city and the possibility of getting lost without a way to get in contact with John terrifies me.....I am so thankful that I have my phone back! I am also thankful for a dryer which can make hard stiff clothes hung on the line soft and wonderful to put on.

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