Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I wasn't quite ready for this day!!

I don't like giving my kids haircuts.  They have so few hairs when they are a baby that I never want to give a haircut.  Plus I love the way babies hair has little curls when they are hot & sweaty or just have a bath.  While I was in CT I needed to give Little M his first hair cut but we never made the time and I wanted to do a before and after which I never had time for.  since we've been her we have been swamped....just with jet lag and figuring out life that I hadn't had time to do it either.  However I have gotten from LOTS of people oh how cute SHE is......now I don't know how to correct them but enough people have interpreted it for me that maybe I can SORT of understand it. So I decided enough was enough and Little M would get a trim.  I mean he really doesn't have enough hair for a full cut but just a trim in back and then around his ears.  As a bribe he got chocolate wafers (thanks Kris & Joey -- for leaving them) to hopefully help him not move around so I could get at least around the ears & the back without to many difficulties.  In the front of he doesn't look to different BUT in back he looks VERY different!!  So sad my baby is growing up!!  In other Little M news.....he's trying to talk -- he says DA, sometime Ma, Thank you, All Done (more intonation) and some other words.  It's so sweet figuring out what he is saying (at time annoying but eventually he gets his point across).  I love my sweet Little M!!
 Before Haircut -- Mostly cut in the back and just around the ears!
After Haircut - He was not happy to have it cut (and smeared all his chocolate wafer all over his face).  Do you like my helper for the last picture?

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