Friday, September 9, 2011

We got a package in the mail!

Today was an exciting day!  I got a great deal on some clothes, we got to visit with a friend and then when we got home from church we got a notification that we received something in the mail!  Woo hoo -- we have been waiting for a package to come all week.  My grandma sent a package for her newest great granddaughter -- nope her great granddaughter isn't here yet but she sent some stuff for her.  (Side note -- This year my grandma will add 4 more great grandchildren to her family!  Making for 15 great grandchildren.)

We opened up the package and got to see everything that was in there -- clothes and blankets for baby girl.  I have the most darling little shoes that I can't believe will fit this baby one day and my first little headband for her to wear.
Little N and Little M thankfully were included in the package and got some books. Little M got a potty book and because of the potty book he was willing to sit on the toilet -- maybe we won't have two in diapers.  (I'm doubtful and okay if he still is in diapers) and the Little N enjoyed reading the new books that great grandma included for them!!
 Thank you Great Grandma for sending such wonderful things for baby sister and books for us to read!!  We love you and Miss you!!
Love -
Little N & Little M

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  1. It was so much fun to see everything before she shipped it out!! I'm sure it was even more fun for you to get it all! She is waiting to hear your reaction. She has been so excited about all the new babies she has to buy for!!!


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