Monday, September 26, 2011

A nice visit

We were able to visit and chat with people that we haven't talked or really seen in 9 years.  We were lucky enough to have friends watch our boys while we went to Starbucks (vanilla steamer anyone -- even though it was 89 degrees) to chat and visit. 
Then we got to do more chatting and visiting with our friends and visitors.  It's funny watching how Little N and our friends youngest interact with one another. When we first arrived they played side by side but not really interacting with one was so fun to hear about how they were playing pirates and playing with trains.  They had lots of fun and for that I'm thankful.
While we were waiting for dinner to be ready a little friend of our visitors came out to visit and play with the's truly amazing how a puppet helps bring out kids personalities and wanting to talk with the mouse about what's going on in their life.   Good reminder of how to get a kid who is quiet to talk with you.
So thankful for good friends, good visits and a wonderful meal.  Thank you guys so much for everything!

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