Friday, September 16, 2011

A Glimpse into our Lives -- Our Place

Welcome to our humble home!  We are still trying to make it homey and our own but figured while the house was semi-clean we could show you around our house.  We live in an apartment....which is conveniently located to basically everything we need.  The church is a 10 to 15 minute walk from our house, the hospital is a 10 minute walk from our house, the traditional market is a 5 minute walk from our house we are very blessed with our's definitely smaller than what we had before but we knew that we wouldn't be moving to a 6 bedroom apartment. 
We have a 3 bedroom apartment, two bathrooms (one is used as storage & will be the nursery), a living/dining room area, a kitchen (that is like a hallway kitchen) and a laundry/storage room.  We are slowly organizing everything so that it looks and feels like home and not feel like we are on top of each other.  We probably spend a majority of our time in our dining/living room area.
 Our dining room & living room open to the kitchen, the entry way, to the bedrooms and we have a small outdoor space where we can hang the clothes & look outside.  We have our toy area in the living room so every morning the toys get dumped out and every evening the toys get put away -- sometimes it's a struggle & other times the boys do it willingly.  We just finished making our chore charts again so hopefully that will motivate the boys to clean up (stickers make the world go round in our house! Little N wants baby sister to have a chore chart & for her to see their chore charts!)
 This is our hallway kitchen....we have a two burner stove and then our microwave.  In the laundry/storage area is where we have two small convection ovens, the size of a microwave!
 Laundry room with some of our clothes hanging up and then some toys that we are hiding or keeping away from the boys!
 Our main bathroom....toilet, sink & tub/shower.  We like it.....the tub is big enough that the little boys can take a bath no together no problem -- which is why you see the two coke bottles.....necessary part of bath time!
 Extra bedroom -- This room we just don't know what to do with -- it's a toy area when people come over with kids, it's a storage area, it will eventually become a guest room when people come to visit but mostly it's just a room that we don't know how to use.  It doesn't have ac so it's just miserably hot in the summer time (which lasts a long time over here!).  I know John would like to be able to use at a place he can go to get away & also that I could go do crafts but we just haven't spent the money to make any of that happen....mostly it's just a place for storage.
 The boys bedroom --- The room used to be a lot bigger with the two beds put together as bunk beds....but then we decided to put Little M in there so we had to put the beds down and we weren't able to find bedrails easily so we just decided to put the beds together and let the boys sleep next to each other.  In the room there are two built in units -- a built in closet & a built in storage area -- which of course we don't use to the best of our abilities but the closet is very well used and loved!!
Our bedroom & bathroom/storage/nursery....when we first moved to Taiwan.....Little M was in a crib and just didn't handle being in the same room as Little we put him in the bathroom.  The bathroom really hasn't been used as a bathroom....the owners of the apartment actually used this as storage so that's what we've ended up doing also.  Little M is out of the crib now but we decided that with the new baby coming that she could be in the bathroom and she would be close to us but still in her own little room.  Our bedroom is basically all about the bed, we have a chest & built in closets (that I love.....all my stuff fits nicely and they had amazing storage so everything has a place!  I love it....)

Thanks for visiting our apartment and hopefully the next time I put pictures up it will look a little more homey....with pictures and things to make it feel like our home!! 

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