Thursday, September 22, 2011

25 Weeks

So we took pictures before my camera battery died on Monday....I am now 25 weeks along.  Baby Girl is active and I can feel her body from the outside a lot more than I ever did with the boys.  Sometimes in the middle of the night I can wake up and put my hand on my stomach and feel either a hand, foot, head or butt just poking out.
   Both little boys and John have been able to feel the baby and quite regularly the little boys will come up to my belly and give the baby raspberries (the mouth kind) and talk to her.  Little N is anxiously awaiting Christmas so that he can meet his little sister.  He just wants to show her and tell her everything!
  Little N & M just started their chore charts again and Little N wants to show his baby sister his chore chart....also he expects her to have a chore chart which we just have to laugh at.  Little M has been waking up early in the morning and if he's up too early or if the boys are goofing off in their beds during nap time he gets plopped into the crib.....usually when that happens Little M gets SUPER offended but after he settles down he falls fast asleep.  Little N usually will tell John that Little M had to take a nap in baby sister's crib....and Little M just pulls a face that just displays his absolute disgust about it.
   Went to the doctors today for a regular check up and John was able to join me for the appointment.....he made it for the ultrasound and then had to leave for class.  But he got to see the baby for the first time.  She wasn't very cooperative for him and wouldn't show her face or whole body....but he got to see the top of the head, the stomach and the feet.  She is head down which is a good thing....and I am praying that she will continue to be head down.
  Baby is doing okay and I found out that I'm a little anemic (was given iron pills that I have to take and was told to also take my prenatal vitamins along with them) we will be stocking up on the red meat for me and baby! :-) Also was surprised to find out that today I had to take my glucose test....oh the joys of that wonderful sweet drink.  Thankfully the hour passed quickly and I'll find out in October if everything is okay!

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