Sunday, September 11, 2011

A first for the Little boys

First off -- it is a very solemn day....strange because over here in Taiwan it's just the day before a holiday (The moon festival) it was life as usual.  Strange to think that 10 years has passed since 9/11 has occurred...praying for all the family members that lost loved ones that horrific day 10 years ago.  

With Little M on the mend (thankfully) at the end of the day we decided to open a bottle of Apple Sidre, which is basically Apple Juice with carbonation, and let the kids try some of it! 

Little N wanted some so we gave him some -- we have his reaction on video it was pretty hilarious.  He just said that the drink was spicy (because of the carbonation) and that it bothered the back of his throat.  So funny to watch his reaction.  You can tell that we don't let him drink carbonated beverages often.
Little M also wanted to try some so we got out the camera and the video camera to get Little M's first taste of "soda"....his reaction was hilarious....he drank some and then the bubbles got to him so he had to stop, then he tried some more than gave the rest of it to his big brother.  It was hilarious!


  1. Absolutely love these pics....they capture the moment!

  2. I love these faces! It's how I feel when I have a carbonated beverage! :)

    Miss you! ~Kari

  3. Oh my goodness, I LOVE these videos! They are so cute!! Miss those guys. (Oh, and you, too. ;)



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