Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our busy Saturday!!

For some reason our Saturday was extremely busy!

I'm slowly working on giving Little M and Little N their birthday presents.  They got to open some more stuff.  Little M was super excited to get a Thomas the train toy (Thanks Grandma & Grandpa O.) and a pj', underwear (he ran afterwards and got his underwear book that his Great Grandma gave him to show that he understood what the underwear was for), and a book.  The thing that he was most excited about was his singing card!!  Both Grandparents are smart and got the boys singing cards. Little M just smiled and would walk around with his singing birthday card.  That was our morning -- well that and also figuring out our newest wii game.  It will be a great game just a little tricky for them right now!
In the afternoon and evening we were helping friends move.  I helped by watching 5 little kids (2 being my own) and John helped by moving boxes from the old house to the new house.  While I was watching the kids I realized that Little M wasn't doing well -- just really clingy and hot.  So sad because while I love cuddly kids I don't like it when they are sick! :-(   A friend got pizza and drinks which we ate for dinner and waited for John to get back home....discovered that our car broke the busiest intersection -- thankfully he had another person in the car and they could steer the car while he pushed the car.  Also thankfully there was a mechanic and we could get it fixed that night.  Just made for a long day!

Update: Went to bed early with a very hot cuddly little boy & was up several times....I hate when my kids are sick....I'm always questioning if we are doing the right thing. We woke up at 4 am, Little M had a HIGH Fever -- John took a bath with him and then thankfully at 6:30 am his high fever broke! We missed church because both little boys slept till 9:27 am (and with Little M having the high fever the night before I wasn't taking him to church) so today is a rest and relax day for the little boys and I.  Little M is still cuddly but not hot and has clear eyes! This week we will work on making sure both boys get enough sleep and hope they don't get sick again!!

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