Saturday, September 17, 2011

A crafting day

I love to do things projects, whatever....I'm willing to try it once and see if I can do it.  My favorite thing to do is making cards -- now granted I'm not the greatest when it comes to being faithful to send them out to people but I keep on trying. Making cards isn't a difficult just look to see if there is a design you like or if you have an idea in your head....stamp it and then piece it all together.  Something mindless but so fun about it all!!
I was super excited because we finally got stuff so that I could sort, organize my stuff the week before.  Finally everything had a place and I could see everything.  Then this week we went and bought paper.  I was so excited but then felt a little guilt buying all this paper and supplies when I had so much of it back in storage in CT. I needed the paper so we bought and I put it into the organizer and was so excited for Saturday to come.
I decided to host a Craft day for people at church.  John set it up so we had a room at church to spread out and get our craftiness on. My goal for the day was to make 25 cards which I succeeded in doing.  We had probably 4 people come to the event but it wasn't about the numbers of people, I was just glad to play and make cards.  I'm thinking I might even try to do it again next month and maybe even the month after that.
 Little M "organizing" my stamp pads!

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