Friday, September 9, 2011

A Glimpse into our world - Youth Group

We are starting all of our various fall activities.  This week the little boys and I made a quick stop up to say hi to all the kids who went to youth group. 

It's a very interesting's mostly the younger grades (7-9 grade) and the 10-12 graders just don't want to attend.  When you get a bunch of junior high kids together you can definitely see that they are junior's just funny to watch them interact with one another. 

John has an additional helper helping with youth group but I have a feeling that he is gonna need some additional help.  Tonight there was like 22 kids at youth group and it was a long weekend (holiday -- the Moon Festival) so there could gradually get to be more kids and be more consistent.   (Last year was a bad time with youth group because we would have to cancel youth group for different things -- John would have meetings he would have to go to, there were exams that the kids had to study for and there were long holiday weekends, so he could never have a consistent group.) 

So I'm excited for this year -- I so badly wish that I could help but with two little boys and another baby on the way I just don't see how it's possible.  I love spending time with the youth, watching them study the bible and know the scriptures well.  I love watching them become Godly men and women....I think that's my favorite thing.  Since helping out with youth group for a long time I have watched my previous youth group kids step into positions of faith, be it a youth leader, going on mission teams, etc and it makes me so proud to see that they are stepping out in faith and living their faith out loud.

My prayer for youth group this year is that of course the kids would have fun but also grow closer in their faith with God and as a group.  I also pray that we would be able to get more volunteers to help out with youth group.  Youth are our future and if we don't nurture and teach them how to will they know how to tell others about Christ, be leaders in their church and be a witness to others?
 Boys against Girls pictionary -- pretty sure the girls won!  Then they played 4 on a couch -- sadly they played two games and the boys won the first game and the girls won the second....they just didn't have time for a tie breaker game!

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