Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Mommy Guilt -- birthday party edition

We all have the mommy guilt....that we aren't gonna do a good enough job for our kids or that our event that we planned for our kids just won't be good enough.  How do we combat the mommy guilt?  By not comparing our event with another person or by not comparing our kids to other kids.  We all have different ideas and things we want to do and it's not the wrong thing to's just what we want to do at the time. Also every single kid different.....each has their own personality and we can't fit them all into the same model (and you know I wouldn't want us all to be the same!!).
We went to a birthday party today for Little N & Little M's friends.  The two girls turned 2 and 4 years old.  I ran into the mom at the stationary store (okay it's a book store -- but we were in the stationary section) and we started to chat.  I commented on how excited I was about going over to her house for her girls birthday party....and her comment back to me was that oh it won't be as fun as your birthday party was for your boys.  It's not outside and it's not very fun. I told her that it didn't matter that it wasn't going to be very exciting in her mind.  I was excited because we were gonna have the chance to visit and spend time together with one another.  I knew that while we were at their house that we would have laughter and that our kids would have a good time.
We got to their birthday party and we ate food -- oh boy did we eat food!  Then we watched the kids play with one another and have a blast together.  We ate birthday cake -- can I say that the birthday cake was absolutely delicious and super cute -- it was slightly amusing, John and I thought that the cake was amazing the whip frosting was just right and our hosts thought that the frosting was too sweet and after everyone had gotten a piece scrapped off the frosting (to throw away) and kept the's just a cultural difference and I found it funny!  We also had balloons to play with and oh my goodness did I laugh SO hard because one of the balloon pumps would blow up the balloons but then at a certain point it would also suck out the area from the the harder that you tried to blow up the balloon the faster the air got out of it!  We laughed so hard.....I was also terrified to attempt to make balloon animals because I kept on thinking I was gonna pop it! We had tons of fun and I was so thankful that we got to go over to play with our friends.
Let me tell you the birthday party for our kids -- it was fun....I enjoyed myself and I think the kids did too.  However we didn't have any games, or really any birthday activities.  It was just a time where we played in the playground with sand toys, we ate food and we talked with friends and just had a good time.  I felt kind of bad like we should have thought out more fun games and stuff to do for the we didn't have a cake --we had cupcakes but not cake with birthday candles and singing.  I also felt like I was rushing around with my head chopped off but it was okay we had a fun day and I'd do it again.
Ladies (mommies) lets not try to compare or out do each other in the birthday party situation.  Do what you can and have fun with your kids and the people you invite.  The kids won't remember how much money was spent on their birthday.  All they will remember is that they were loved and cared about on their special day by people who loved them.  Don't think that what you are doing for your kids isn't are doing an amazing job just planning stuff out and making the day special for your kids.
 The birthday 2 year old (about a month ago was her birthday!)
 The awesome cake....I have always been leery about getting a cake from the bakery....I am completely sold and probably will just buy a cake from our favorite bakery for a special day -- hmm....maybe Christmas or when the new baby is here! (okay or maybe I'll just make a day a special cake day --- good listening day?) 
 The birthday girls with their parents! Such a cute family.
 Riding the no push car -- you just steer with the wheel and it moves.  The kids had a are the two 4 year olds!
 Successful balloon animal -- a giraffe.  I made a snake & maybe a sword!

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