Sunday, September 4, 2011

A very busy 2nd Birthday Sunday

Little M's birthday was on a Sunday....we had lots of things going on today -- church, our first monthly brunch, John thought he had a meeting and then celebrating Little M's birthday! To make Little M's birthday special I wanted to take him Mister Donuts....however the donut shop was closed so we went over to the bakery to find a special birthday breakfast!
With the fall schedule back in action we are starting to get a lot more busier...different activities during the week and Sunday school starting back up. 
One of the biggest issues that we hear about going to VEF is that people just don't feel that they know one another -- so one of the ways we are trying to get to know one another is by doing a monthly brunch right after church.  Another thing that we are going to try to do is small groups.  We start our small groups on Thursday...we will see how that goes!  But today was our first ever monthly brunch....lots of people stayed, enjoyed great food and great fellowship.  I'm hoping that this is the start of something good.
After church and brunch.....the little boys and I walked backed home to get a nap before we started the birthday festivities for Little M.  We had friends over to help celebrate Little M's 2nd birthday -- on the menu for today was pizza, leftover pasta salad and fruit salad.  We also had Thomas cupcakes and cake.  I am not the worlds best cake decorator so I just fudged the Thomas cake and put some of the kids trains on the cake and cupcakes.  We had a great day!!  Happy Birthday Little M....We love you!!

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  1. He's happy with his cake. He sure looked like he had fun blowing out the candles! They have been able to celebrate a lot. Parties all looked fun. Love you all. Love gramma and Grampa


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