Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Monday Adventures

After just not doing Monday Adventures for a long time we finally went on our Monday Adventure.....John took us for a drive and we went to the reservoir near us (when I remember how to correctly spell where we went I'll fix this post!) and it was just the perfect day.  The kids (Little N) especially was excited about hiking and going on an adventure.  So we started to walk and it was perfect because it wasn't too strenuous and we felt like we were getting some exercise.
Where we went walking there was a suspension bridge....and I was terrified and I think because of what happened one time on another suspension bridge we got Little N afraid of heights also.  So we are working trying to get him comfortable on walking on bridges and not being afraid.  We also saw lots of butterflies....and again Little N was a little afraid.  Little M, on the other hand, had no fear and we constantly had to hold him back and make sure that he was being careful. 
Started to take lots of pictures and then after a while we realized that my camera battery was dying.....thankfully we were able to get pictures of me and my belly before it died but we saw lots of different bugs and a snake slithering down the path.  It was a good day for an adventure and I hope we will be able to go on another on next week!

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