Monday, August 6, 2012

We made it to Fargo

After over 26 hours of traveling we finally made it to Fargo.  The flights went great until we got to Minneapolis where we got to our gate and we were told that it was to be delayed.  By that point we were so tired that we were just not feeling good (nauseous, dizzy and upset stomachs) all from time travel and lack of sleep.  By the time we got to Minneapolis it was before we took off in Tokyo the same day.  It was just strange.  By the time we got to Fargo we were ready to be done flying.  Thankfully we all traveled well and that I was encouraged by!  Little H was very confused and didn't like being held the whole time.  Well she liked being held but didn't liked being moved when her mommy needed to find a new position because her leg or other body parts were numb.  Little N and M didn't sleep as much as they could have on the plane, they were fascinated with the personal video screens at their seats and watched tv shows, and played games.   When we arrived in Fargo we met up with Rachel and her four kids and then Grandma Olson.  It was a wonderful time and I of course burst into tears because my nieces and nephews were so grown up looking in my eyes after not seeing them in person for a year and a half.  There was laughter and non stop talking as we waited for our bags and got everything to the car.  Then we had fun playing at Grandma and Grandpa's house and at "their playground" across the street.  So much fun to be had!  Man you never realize how much you miss people till you see them again and spend time with them.
 Non-stop talking and catching up with the cousins! 
 My beautiful niece!  She's grown up so much!!
 First time on a swing! :-) 
 My favorite picture of the day! 

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